GLENDALE – With Super Bowl XLIX set to kick off in less than 12 hours between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, there are many fans and members of the media, who have made their choices known, here at #INSCMagazine, here are our official round-table picks to win the big game, as well as early picks to win the soon-to-be official Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

Robert D. Cobb, Founder/CEO: “I originally had Seattle winning 34-21, but with Seattle’s secondary dinged up, plus their issues with dealing with athletic tight ends (see SD), their own bruising back in Blount, a chip on their shoulder with this whole Deflategate stuff and Brady would LOVE to shut some critics up too. Which is why I see a fired-up and motivated Pats team ready to roll! That and plus SEA needed two special teams plays to pull out that win over GB. I love Wilson and respect the Hawks, but they don’t have Gronk…..Pats 31-28.  In terms of Pacquiao/Mayweather, gotta go with $$$”

Oren Shiri, Senior Vice President of Operations, Managing Partner & Director of Social Media/Marketing: Sorry Patriots fans, you may have  a good defense and a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback in Brady, but the Seahawks are on a whole other level. in the end, the Seahawks win again thanks to Lynch, Wilson and their vaunted Legion of boom in a close one, 31-25”

Kathryn Mathieson-Cobb, Interim Director of Content: “Hawks, 32-17!”

Betty Cantley, Senior Columnist – NBA: “My prediction is Seattle will win 36-24 against New England”

Nick Granados, Contributor: “I feel like, despite going in as defending champions, there is not as much pressure on the Seahawks as there is on the Patriots. I’m taking the Seahawks 31-28”

Thomas Love, Columnist- Entertainment: “My prediction is NBC wins at $9 million per advertising minute.

John Doublin, Contributor (NFL, NCAAF and Entertainment): “About the fight? It’s about damn time! About the super bowl…I got the Patriots winning 20 to 13” 

Brooke Van Schaick, Contributor: “Pats 27-17”

Lisa Adams, Columnist – NFL/Lifestyle & Beauty: “I really have no opinion. I think both teams have an equal chance at winning and I don’t wish for one to win over the other. I don’t plan on watching except for maybe tuning it at half time to see if Katy Perry really makes good on her promise to slam Taylor Swift in an epic public dis  Smile meow!!!!

Tammie May, Senior Columnist – NFL, NBA: “Seattle 24-21. Don’t see a blowout in this one.”

Michael Gartman, Senior Lead Political Writer: “It’s a total toss-up for me. I really could see it going either way. Expecting a very similar outcome to what we saw the last time these two teams played (SEA W 24-23 on Oct. 14, 2012). If I had to pick, I guess I’d say SEA 27-24, but I could just as easily see it the other way around. Hoping for a much better game that last year’s 43-8 beatdown. This is also my last DFS game for about 7 months, so I’d like to see big production from Brady, Gronk, Lynch and Kearse.”

Daniel Wolfe, Columnist – NFL, MLB: “Seattle 31 Patriots 21. Marshawn Lynch is due for a big game with all the media hoopla this week. 130 rushing 2 tds”

Matt Wagner, Contributor, NBA, NFL: “Fight: Pacquiao. Super Bowl: Patriots over Seattle 24-21.”

Scott M. DelleFave, Director of Quality Control and Consiligere: “Fight Mayweather Super Bowl Seattle 35 New England 14”

John Machurek, Social Media Correspondent: “I want pacquiao but I think he’s too old now. Also Seattle 28-17”

Kevin Lyons, Contributor, NFL/MLB: “Patriots 31-20 “

By a count of 8-5, we at INSCMagazine pick the defending Super bowl champions to repeat over the New England Patriots and in the hypothetical Pacaquiao/Mayweather bout, it ends in a 2-2 draw amongst the staff. What is your pick and thoughts? Please leave a comment below and enjoy the game!

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