American artist Jeremiah Stokes rose to popularity after releasing his single “Rain Go Away” which received Thousands of streams, plays, and widely shared. The singer became an internet sensation due to his intense and complex lyrical ability.


However, the 25-year-old singer has worked hard for the past decade to taste this success. And, has developed his own style of rapping which is quite unique in many ways from his contemporaries. His hip-hop influences growing up were T.I., Lil Wayne, and Eminem; needless to say, the style of Jeremiah Stokes is quite different from all of them.

As an artist, Stokes is highly versatile. His melodies are dominant, getting people hooked within the first few seconds and turning them into believers of the hip-hop artist. But what motivates the artist to create music is his passion for impacting people through his music.

Jeremiah Stokes hopes that his music would change millions of lives, something he feels is lacking in today’s music industry. He aims for nothing less than greatness. We hope one day he makes it to the Billboard Top 10 list. While that’s something that all artists hope to achieve, Stokes has an unfair advantage given his work ethic, talent, and undying passion for his craft.

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