The organic craze is in full swing, and while buying organic food has obvious benefits, there are a number of other products you can buy which pack an organic punch. Everything from vapes to prosecco now have organic alternatives, because they are widely believed to be better for your body, and kinder to the environment.

One of the most popular avenues for those looking to go organic is skincare, which has seen a huge increase in the number of organic products available on the market. There is a good reason for this. Organic skincare products tend to be easier on your skin than artificial alternatives, with many customers claiming that organic creams and oils reduce inflammation and prevent long term irritation.

With environmental awareness increasing and more and more people buying particular products for ethical reasons, there’s no doubt that organic skincare is only going to grow in popularity.

Here’s why:


Naturally sourced ingredients are popular in a number of forms

Organic skincare is indicative of a wider trend in demand for different organic products. You only have to look on the shelves of local shops to realize there is a strong demand for healthier and more ethically-sourced alternatives to conventional, synthetically created products.

CBD – otherwise known as Cannabidiol – is a prime example of this. It has seen a huge rise in success in recent years, and has impacted a range of existing industries, most notably in skincare cream and vape form.

Indeed, the rise of organic ingredients is changing the mindset of many customers when they make purchasing decisions.

Traditionally, if you’re looking to buy a product, you look at factors like value for money, durability and customer reviews. Now, consumers look closely at the ingredients themselves and how ethical the product’s production process is.

For example, if you’re shopping for a skincare cream, you might look carefully at how many potentially harmful chemicals are inside it, or look for the best vape juice, if you enjoy CBD vaping.


Organic skincare is better for the environment

Another reason why organic skincare is only set to become more relevant in the future is that it is arguably better for the environment than its artificial alternatives.

The first environmental benefit of organic skincare is that the ingredients originate from natural sources which are relatively easy to grow sustainably. Another reason is that many organic products are specifically designed to be safe to swim in the sea with.

Many artificial skincare products (including sun-tan lotions) harm the water quality when it reaches the sea, which negatively impacts sea life. Organic products help reduce this impact, and make them more practical to wear if you are going for a wild swim or relaxing by the sea on holiday.


Using natural ingredients lessens the chance of inflammation or a bad reaction

The most fundamental reason why many people are flocking to organic skincare products is that they are thought to reduce skin irritation over time. This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin, because your body is less likely to react negatively to the ingredients, and tend to have a higher nutritional value.

Of course, some people argue that these natural ingredients make organic skincare less effective. They believe there is a reason why many creams and lotions use artificial chemicals, and that plant-based alternatives are not as powerful.

These claims have been disproved, however, because organic skincare products are in no way fundamentally inferior to artificial ones.



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