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Joe Biden: Can A Kid From Scranton Reunify The Divided States of America?


November 8, 2020

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WILMINGTON, DE – Thanks to clinching what was a very divisive and hard-fought election, 77-year-old Scranton, PA native, in President-Elect Joe Biden now has the enviable task of reunifying a bitter and deeply fractured Divided States of America.

Biden, the former vice-president under President Barack Obama and 40-plus year veteran of Washington politics had the 2020 U.S. Election called in his favor, after Pennsylvania was called for him by the Associated Press, thus winning the 20 electoral votes to secure the required 270 to defeat Donald Trump.

As of press time, Biden has 290 votes with 50.7 percent of the vote and a record-breaking 75 million votes (75,218,898), the most by any president in any American election in history. During his victory speech, Biden asked for unity and channeled the long-sought calm that many have been asking for after five years of chaos, bitter racial division and strife.

While there is no doubt that Biden will attempt to reach across the proverbial aisle to try to work with the soon-to-be out-going Trump administration, will they be willing to work with him? Will people close to Trump be brave enough to cross him and work with Biden and his people?

With the current political and social animus between the left and right, blue states and red, liberals and conservatives and Biden/Trump supporters, it may be more of a case of wishful thinking.

Whatever side of the political aisle one is on, the bottom line is that we are all Americans, and that America was already great, before Trump and will be even better once he departs 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

To paraphrase the newly elected President-Elect, there are no blue states or red states, but the United States of America. Hopefully, both sides and colors can come together under Biden to heal what is now a broken and shattered democracy and help make it whole again.




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