Undoubtedly pregnancy is a nature’s miracle, and so are the phases and emotions that come along with it. The body undergoes significant changes that can be both pleasant and unpleasant. Taking a lot of prescribed medication to cure these uncomfortable hormonal changes might come with some nasty side effects. Hence, using CBD to alleviate the pain and stress the body experiences can turn up to be an advantageous and efficient method. However, the FDA doesn’t approve the use of CBD, THC, and cannabis in any form.

CBD oils have been playing a vital role in curing numerous chronic and acute issues. In some cases, CBD gives way for the stoppage of before time contractions. Moreover, in recent years, more and more women have started opting for CBD topicals and lotions to prevent the substance from entering the bloodstreams, but experience its benefits on the muscles and tissues. If you want to look for various CBD brands in one place, check out an online store that has every CBD brand in one place.

There are more facts to the existing ones on how CBD and pregnancy work together to provide benefits and relaxation. So, let’s shed some light on seven interesting points you need to know about this all-natural remedy and pregnancy.

  • CBD oil and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase where doctors tend to draw precautionary measures for a woman. These measures usually revolve around medicines and diet. In a time where people are going for medicinal substances in place of prescribed drugs, CBD can be one of the popular herbs to be consumed during the time of pregnancy. CBD does not intoxicate but reduces pain and inflammation in the body during such a phase. 

The compounds of CBD do not communicate with all the receptors of the brain but only bind with serotonin receptors to promote the feeling of calmness. CBD oil is said to be the ideal form of the substance that can be consumed by women during pregnancy. But, you should rather look towards CBD topicals for long-term soothing effects. Since the presence of THC can inhibit the development of the fetus’ brain, the FDA advises pregnant women against the use of such natural supplements.

  • CBD can manage anxiety during pregnancy.

Are you working during pregnancy and stressing out over the amount of work assigned to you? Such situations are not only common during the period of pregnancy but also a routine practice. The difference is that such stressful tasks affect a woman’s body more when she’s pregnant.

A study done in the year 2010 shows that this natural remedy helps in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety by binding with the brain receptors for serotonin. Communication increases the level of serotonin – a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. During pregnancy, the increased levels of serotonin in the body help a woman to reduce anxiety and stay calm.

  • CBD’s effect on the fetus

There are no known studies done on the effects of CBD on the fetus. Since the ECS can be found in the fetus composed with just a couple of cells, such a system is present in all the animals and beings. The ECS comprises endocannabinoids that act as neurotransmitters, responsible for the interaction with CBD receptors.

Research done on the embryos of the mouse shows that one of the active ingredients, THC hinders the development process of the fetus. There is one more cannabinoid in the system named anandamide. This natural cannabinoid also impeded the development process. The consumption of CBD might produce more levels of such cannabinoids in the body, which might affect the development of the fetus. In the pregnancy period, where everything should be intensely monitored, a woman should always consult a doctor to avoid such complications from any additional substance.

  • CBD can regulate mood but be cautious.

During the pregnancy period, a woman’s body goes through several hormonal changes that affect the mood. Consuming CBD oil might help in communicating with the endocannabinoid system but lead to premature deliveries or stillborn babies. 

But, this supplement tends to improve the endocannabinoid levels of the body, along with affecting other receptors. Thus, CBD helps in keeping the chemical imbalances away and promotes overall functionality. But, do not forget to consult a doctor before getting such a natural compound for yourself.

  • CBD can lessen breast tenderness.

Breast discomfort is one of the most common problems that a woman faces when pregnant. During the early stages of pregnancy, women experience soreness, swelling, and tenderness, even to slight touch. CBD topicals, with their anti-inflammatory properties, can fight inflammation and interact with the vanilloid receptors of the body that perceive and observe the level of pain. As a result, the properties of this all-natural substance interacts with the body’s ECS to reduce pain. Such a process directly affects the affected area and relieves pain.

  • What is the best form of CBD during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should refrain from consuming this natural remedy through the applications of vaping and smoking because of the traces of THC or other substances that might harm their fetus. One of the safest ways of using CBD is through topicals. Even if you want to be cautious during such a critical period, make use of CBD lotions, creams, and other topicals. All you have to do is apply them to the affected area of the body for instant relief without letting it come in contact with the blood to cause unnecessary complications.

  • CBD can improve your sleeping cycle.

In pregnancy, women go through tremendous changes in their behavior, which is a result of fluctuating hormones. One such change is the sleeping cycle. Lack of sleep affects the rebuilding of muscle fibers and energies. A study shows that CBD tends to communicate with the central nervous system and brain receptors that control the circadian rhythm.

Not only does this all-natural substance improve the sleep cycle, but it also regulates the balance of calm. But again, be sure to consult your doctor before using CBD in any form. 


Pregnancy is a gift, but it also leads to unpleasant bodily changes that affect the health of women. Changes like anxiety, pain, mood swings, migraines, sickness, and other uncomfortable symptoms can impact health and wellbeing. But, it is important for pregnant women to refrain from the intake of CBD, THC, marijuana, and other natural supplements as they might make a direct impact on the development of the fetus. It’s best to discuss your concerns with a medical practitioner before using any such supplement.

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