Timber Flooring

Nowadays, the beauty of hardwood flooring is tough to miss. More and more people are aiming towards wooden floor as the most cost effective and stylish option for all kinds of houses. Whether you are looking for basic traditional styled house or a contemporary designed one, there are loads of flooring options available. But the beauty of wooden floor always takes the prime stage. It is important to know more about the best timber flooring as it is leading the chart these days. 

Differences Between Hardwood And Softwood Ones

When it comes to wooden floors, hardwood and softwood are the two options. Even though mostly misused, learning about the differences will help you realize the importance of timber flooring projects even better.

Why hardwood option is better than softwood?

When it comes to hardwood, the basic examples you will come across are teak, walnut, mahogany, ash, birch and more. These woods are procured from deciduous trees.

  • Hardwood is a rather expensive option when compared to softwood, but the price is worth it, especially while checking out the durability of it all. Moreover, the hardwood options are most sought after than softwoods.
  • Hardwoods are more expensive because of its simple supply and demand economics. Hardwood trees usually take years to grow, making them pricey than usual.
  • Other than that, a tougher wooden type than software is called solid hardwood, which is perfect for timber flooring. They are able to stand right up to harsh wear and tear than most of the other alternatives.
  • To top it all, hardwood happens to be fire resistant in nature than softwood, making them all the more important to consider right now.

Important Types To Understand

Be sure to check out the types of timber flooring before making the final choice. Traditional flooring system that cannot match for its durability and lasting beauty will be the solid tongue and groove of hardwood.

  • This form of solid tongue and groove hardwood is designed to be placed directly onto joists, over concrete, battens or can be properly nailed to old timber flooring.
  • These boards are mainly designed for tight plank to ensure a stable and continuous surface. These hardwood-based options are available in natural, select and standard grades.
  • Another example is the pre-finished engineering one, which is popular than the previous one but without any need for polishing or sanding. The boards come pre-finished with coating. So, the installation process is half the time of that of traditional timber flooring.  These engineered woods come in raw form and you can choose the gloss level as and when wanted.
  • Then the market has bamboo timber flooring, which is rising in demand pretty fast. It is not just going to look great as flooring material but is quite pleasing to the eye too. It is also pretty durable to say the least and making it for sustainable choppier.
  • You can try your hands on the reclaimed timber flooring as another example, made using used lumber, as procured from old barns and houses. The woods are then sanded and trimmed, and some planks might even have knots in them. Not just knots, but some have nail holes and slight stains in them as well.

These are some of the best examples of timber floors available within pre-set budget plans. Just go through all the available options and then make the final choice in here. Research will help you find the different types and mark the changes in them as well.

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