In life there are no do overs. The Pro Football Hall of Fame definitely needs one with the induction of quarterback Kurt Warner. Simply put he was not good enough. 

Now with a movie out about him called American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story it becomes another reminder of how he is one of the most overrated players in NFL history. The only season of Warner worth mentioning was 1999, his first full year as a starting quarterback.

He certainly impressed as Warner threw for 4,351 yards, 41 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Yet it was his only great season in the NFL. During the 2001 season he did throw for a career-high 4,830 yards and led the NFL in completions.

That season he also threw 36 touchdown passes that year, yet got sacked 38 times and threw 22 interceptions. 

From 2002-2007 injuries began to take a toll on him. He started 42 games in that time period and won only 13 games while throwing 54 touchdowns to 47 interceptions while being sacked 123 times. 

While with the New York Giants in 2004 he started nine games and won five. The issue he only threw six touchdown passes which ultimately led to him getting benched for a then rookie Eli Manning. 

Interestingly enough Warner once again got outplayed while with the Arizona Cardinals. Matt Leinart suffered an injury that he did not recover quickly enough from, so Warner got another chance to start. 

While his 2007 season was his best since 2001, it was hardly impressive. He threw 27 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. His final two seasons in the NFL he won 19 games in 31 starts, threw 56 touchdowns to 28 interceptions. 

Also once his team fell behind he was not likely to engineer a game winning drive. His career-high was two.

Overall Warner finished with a record of 67-49 as a starter, threw for 32,344 yards, and 208 touchdowns to 128 interceptions. So Pro Football Hall of Fame, can there be a do over please? Warner can have his movie though.



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