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Lifestyle: The Dangers That Lurk Inside Our Own Homes

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With all the advancements, there has been a particular shift in the living styles of people. This upgraded life despite being quite easy has its own share of cons too.

Within this age of gadgets, innovation and industrial development, the deteriorating climatic conditions and atmosphere have affected our health along with other prominent factors. We are living in a time when there is so much to make our lives easier yet in the same time so much to make it even more difficult.

The air, which is considered a vital element for the survival of living beings, is not fit for them to breathe in. If we just talk about the quality of air we breathe in or the number of diseases or bacteria we’re surrounded with, we will be surprised to know how there are numerous threats to our health in our everyday lives.

Thinking that the only place you’ll be safe at is your home? Think again. Because in your homes, there are possibly 5 times more risks than the outdoors.

Here are a few hidden dangers that lie in wait to influence your health in some way or the other. The scariest thing about them is, they all are a silent part of your home.

What lead, leads to?

Lead has been a serious health hazard for many decades. Due to the precautionary measures by Consumer Product safety commissions the use of lead and the risks it involves have been minimized. Yet it still remains a serious enemy to our health through various other ways.

People still living in old houses painted with paints having lead in them are exposed to this toxic metal. Apart from that the water which is coming through lead pipes gets a fair amount of lead mixed in it and we use it for our daily needs.

No just that our soil is equally contaminated with lead particles which are mixed in it which is later used to grow food. To be sure, you are not consuming lead in any form, you should get you water tested and avoid the use of lead pipes.

The Quality of Air:

We know how the ratio of air pollutants has increased in the recent years. But a common misconception among people is that only the air out doors is polluted and/or contaminated.

According to a research the air inside is 3 times more polluted than the air outside. Reason? Our homes, specifically in colder seasons do not get proper ventilation, due to which all the toxins, VOCs, carbon monoxide, dust, allergen or other such harm causing components stay inside and get mixed with the all the air we will be breathing in.

There are many pesticides or even air fresheners which release toxic fumes that might affect our lungs. In order to counter this problem there is a dire need to ensure proper ventilation in our homes. Air purifiers are also a solution to this problem and are also considered helpful in maintaining the air quality.

The food you eat:

The way we generally store or handle food leads to various food borne diseases. Salmonella, E-coli, diarrhea are all common and at times life threatening diseases affecting our intestines and stomach. People when cooking or handling raw foods like vegetables, meat, eggs, and fruits are not very careful.

When a person consumes food, not properly cooked, he/she can get the bacteria that were still in there and which required more cooking. Similarly not properly cleaning the fruits or vegetables before you eat can also be a reason to food borne illnesses. The storage of food is also a common reason which may cause food poisoning or the mentioned health problems.

When storing your food, make sure you keep it tightly sealed. Avoid using edibles that have been preserved or refrigerated for a long time. Cook your food (specifically your meat) properly.

To play it safe, one must take precautionary measures even at home in order to keep this assumed safe haven, actually safe. Wash your hands properly before doing anything and make this a habit to avoid the spread of diseases in the easiest way.

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