It seems the whole world is abuzz with Fifty Shades fever. The highly-anticipated film is set to take over the entertainment landscape, with Dakota Johnson is primed to capitalize.

Johnson plays Anastasia Steele in the film, which–needless to say–is the biggest role of her young career. Johnson is only 25 years of age, but she already has an impressive resume.

The first big break for Johnson came from the 1999 film Crazy In Alabama, which was directed by stepfather Antonio Banderas. It took Johnson some time to breakthrough after that film but she found success years later, as she was voted 2006 Miss Golden Globe. With the honor of being Miss Golden Globe bestowed upon her, Johnson became a model for MANGO jeans and held many other modeling gigs.

It wasn’t until she graduated high school where she signed with the William Morris Agency to begin her acting career. The first major role for Johnson came in 2010 when the actress had a small part in the Academy Award nominated Social Network. Her career skyrocketed from there as she appeared in films such as Beastly, Five Year Engagement and 21 Jump Street.

Johnson’s biggest role proved to be her biggest blunder. She signed on to play Kate in the Fox series Ben and Kate. However, the show, which premiered during the fall of 2012, was canceled in 2013. She came back strong and landed parts in the 2014 film Need For Speed, and of course Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dakota Johnson has already had quite a busy career, but it’s about to get a lot crazier. With multiple films based on the Fifty Shades of Grey series in the works, her portrayal of Anastasia Steele is going to make her a big deal in Hollywood.

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