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Lifestyle: How to De-Stress Without a Trip to the Spa

Wondering how to score a first-class spa treatment in the comfort of your own home? Hint: you may want to ditch the cucumbers and drugstore face masks. Thanks to technology, your at-home, personalized spa can be a reality (and it won’t break the bank).

Transport your mind and ground yourself in well-being through captivating techniques that are worth far more than any overpriced 50-minute massage. Here’s how to de-stress without a trip to the spa.

Headspace Meditation App: Rather than stressing about the future, stay grounded in the present with the Headspace meditation app. Whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes, there are varying lengths of meditation so you can choose one that best fits your schedule. With the basic Headspace account, you’ll understand the fundamentals of meditation and learn how to feel less distracted and more in-tune with your values.

For access to their entire library, you can purchase a premium account and unlock daily meditation series, on-the-go exercises, and techniques to manage stress. However much time you may have, you can stay at home to find your Om.

Read Books on Kindle: A book a day keeps stress at bay, especially with tools like Kindle which helps you escape stress through a literary getaway. From murder mysteries to science fiction, your library rests in the palm of your hands. With Kindle, you can customize your reading experience by selecting the text size, font, and background color that complements your preferences.

Better yet, you can highlight and bookmark your favorite pages and passages for easy access later on. Whether you download your items to your Kindle device or to the mobile app, books automatically sync between devices so your library will always be updated. While internet service is required to download books, you can access pre-downloaded books offline for easy access anywhere. No matter when stress may surface, your books are just a tap away.

The Yoga Collective: If you’re craving rejuvenation, consider yoga instead of a traditional massage. Websites like The Yoga Collective teach you how to move your body in ways that help restore your muscles, bones, and mind. With the help of teachers around the world, you can strengthen your mind and body from the comfort of your living room.

Unsure whether The Yoga Collective is for you? Try one of their featured classes online for free.

Once you’re ready to commit, you’ll gain access to hundreds of yoga classes for $12 per month. Just make sure you’re set up with fast internet service so you can make the most of your subscription by streaming your videos in high-quality. The latest technology, like Panoramic WiFi will let you stream from anywhere in your home – so whether you’re standing in front of your TV in your living room or you’re relaxing poolside with your tablet, you can easily stream your yoga videos without any pesky interruptions, allowing you to fully discover your Zen.

Once you have your retreat situated you can designate your intention, like stretching or relaxation, and discover classes that best match your goals. Regardless of your experience level, the more you practice the better you’ll become.

Aera Essential Oil Diffuser: Nothing says spa day quite like the scent of dewy lavender. To recreate your own relaxation oasis, consider purchasing an essential oil diffuser like the Aera. With its unique build, the stylish machine transforms your favorite scents into ambient experiences. Unlike other diffusers, the Aera connects to your home internet service so that it can be controlled from your mobile device.

From the palm of your hands you can create schedules and set the diffusion amount based on room size. Consider the impact that different smells may have, like lavender to fight anxiety, peppermint to relieve headaches, or jasmine to boost your mood. Whatever you may need, there’s likely an essential oil to satisfy it.

In a society that glorifies “self-care,” don’t cut yourself short. No matter how much time you may have, every minute counts. Whether you prefer to meditate, practice yoga, or read, carve out some “you” time each day and de-stress without ever stepping foot inside of a spa.

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