Wine racks are no longer just for the rich. They have become an attractive and a reasonable investment for businesses, especially for wine lovers and those in the industry of selling alcohol. If you’re a person who enjoys a sip or two from time to time, then you’re already aware that the way to turn a good wine into a better wine is to store it properly.

There are plenty of ways that you can save a good bottle, but there’s nothing else that can beat a wine rack. It can help lengthen the wine’s shelf life, help it age, and maintain its quality and flavor. If you’re a connoisseur, then you know what we mean.

Five Types of Wine Racks

  1. Stackable wine rack

A stackable wine rack is an excellent choice, especially if your wine collection is starting to grow. You may want to start small, and as you go, stack up against the racks. A stackable wine rack can be customized and built along the way, which means it can expand as the number of bottles you have grows.

You can have a carpenter make you a set of racks, and have more done if the number of bottles grow. The simple design and style allow you to quickly stack them up and line them in your showroom or on your countertop.

  1. Tabletop and countertop wine rack

If you’re a casual drinker, or someone who doesn’t want to display a lot of wine bottles, another option is to have a tabletop rack or a countertop wine rack made. A countertop or tabletop rack can hold a number of bottles but not a lot. It can be a great addition, especially if you have a small office space or only a minibar at your pub. A tabletop or countertop wine rack will give you the opportunity to quickly snatch and pop a bottle in your fridge, especially if you’re expecting visitors.

  1. Wall-mounted wine rack

A wall-mounted wine rack is usually more durable and bigger than a tabletop wine rack or a stackable wine rack. They can also help you save space since they’re smaller than a wine room or wine cellar. They’re also modular, which will let you grow your collection along the way. If you’re going to put them in an area where the climate is controlled, that allows the wine to age and be appropriately stored.

  1. Wine cabinet rack

A wine cabinet rack is an excellent option for you if you’re someone who has a modest collection of wine. A frame like this can hold at least a dozen bottles, and if you get it done, there’ll be a space dedicated to wine glasses and other accessories such as a corkscrew. You can also place this in any part of your workspace, and since these wine racks have doors, they can give you better control of the climate and light.

Benefits of a Custom Wine Rack

A wine rack that’s been well-constructed and made according to your preference will help you preserve your wines’ taste and quality while protecting them from the elements.

  1. A custom wine rack can protect your bottles from the air.

Your wine will oxidize if air manages to enter your bottle. If this happens, the wine will lose its taste. The cork of the container can keep wine bottles tightly sealed, keeping the air out. However, when the cork dries up, air can quickly get in. If you invest in a good custom wine rack, you’ll be ensured that your wine is kept safe.

  1. A custom wine rack can protect your wine from light.

Aside from air, light can also spoil your wine. When light touches your wine, especially if it falls directly onto your wine bottle, a chemical reaction can occur with the phenolic compounds in your wine. This chemical reaction can cause your wine to lose texture and flavor.

However, if you invest in a good wine rack custom built for you it can be very beneficial. A custom wine rack strategically placed in an area that’s unlit can help you protect your bottles. It will allow you to keep the bottles out for others to see, especially your colleagues, while helping you protect them from light. Your wine collection will be both safe and accessible.

  1. A custom wine rack can protect your individual bottles.

When you have a wine rack custom made, you’ll have peace of mind knowing during the process, they keep the protection of your bottles in mind. Aside from air and light, there are other elements that you need to protect your bottles from, such as temperature and humidity. These factors make it essential that you carefully choose your wine rack’s location. A custom wine rack will allow you to have your rack built at a particular angle to correctly give the bottles protection from the elements.

  1. A custom wine rack can add to your workplace’s appeal and value.

A rack that’s been made especially for you or your business can give you the feeling that your wine collection is reaching its full potential. The same idea went for people centuries ago who had wine collections carefully stored in their cellar, where it gave them a feeling of a bountiful harvest of fruit being aged in a bottle.

  1. A custom wine rack is easy to work with.

Even if you’re not an experienced carpenter, you can build a wine rack of your own by stacking racks horizontally or vertically. A wine rack that’s been custom made should never be a problem to work with. Plus, you’ll be sure that when you’re loading and unloading your bottles from the rack they’re not going to break. This can be a significant drawback if a frame is premade.

  1. A custom wine rack is durable and strong.

You can make sure that your rack is durable enough if it is custom made, even if you’ve put a lot of bottles in it. The strength of a custom rack will give you assurance that it won’t give way and cause your collection of good wine to go to waste. A stable frame is durable for years and won’t be facing a catastrophe anytime soon. Plus, with a custom rack you’re also ensured that if it gets broken, you can quickly and easily repair it. They are also easy to maintain.

  1. A custom wine rack can give you freedom.

When you get a custom wine rack made for you, you’ll get the freedom of choosing how you want it to look. You may be able to make your own design and have it nailed on your wall, have it freestanding on the floor, or have it placed on your table. Your options are unlimited; you can literally design whatever you want.

  1. A custom wine rack can help you make more money.

If you’re in the industry of selling wine, investing in a custom wine rack is a great idea. Once it’s installed, you can quickly place your bottles in an excellent location where people can appreciate them, and see the value in them.

Let’s Toast To It!

If you get a custom wine rack for yourself, especially if you’re going to put it in your business area, then you can experience the benefits we’ve mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for? Why not get one done now?

Author’s Bio: George Ryan writes for Wine Cellars of Houston as a contributor, where he writes about design concepts he himself is so fascinated with. His enthusiasm about the subject gives his articles an energetic vibe that can encourage his readers to finish his pieces. George collects miniatures and paints them when he’s free.

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