There are a lot of people on Livebeam from different countries all around the world. But have you ever thought about the cultural differences between countries?

Culture in different countries and even within them vary a lot. Today we found for you some of the most interesting facts about cultural differences around the world.

Culture differences between countries: gestures

Two things that people usually notice first are gestures and words. The way a person talks and uses their gestures can say a lot. The meaning of some gestures varies in different cultures, too. Here are a few of the most popular examples from Livebeam:

  1. The OK gesture. While in America and most European countries it means Okay, it is very rude in Brazil. And, at the same time, it means the money in Japan.
  2. The “V” gesture. It has a peaceful meaning in America and is used as a cute pose for photos in some Asian countries. But if you make the same gesture with the back of your hand facing outward, it will be an insult in some countries like the UK, Australia, South Africa, and others.
  3. The thumbs up. It can be used as a sign for “good”, and it is usually used when hitchhiking. But be careful with it if your friend is from Iran or Iraq – it has an insulting meaning in their culture.

Besides the gesture meaning differences, some cultures have unusual habits or traditions in any part of their everyday life. If you met someone from a different country on Livebeam, we suggest you do some research about the country they’re from to avoid uncomfortable or insulting situations. Ask your friend to tell you more about that country. It will help you to know what things are crucial to keeping up.

Having online friends abroad is also a cultural exchange. You and your friend tell each other different facts about your cultures and traditions, habits, things to avoid, etc.

To sum up, there are various cultural differences between countries. But as a Livebeam user, you have an opportunity to find a friend from any country in the world and get to know their culture better. Another good thing about international friendship is that you get to share your culture as well. If you want to become a part of our streaming community, you can sign up for a profile on this platform for free. Welcome to Livebeam and enjoy watching streams from all over the world on any topic you like!

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