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Living: Tips Parents Should Know To Take Care Of Infant’s First Teeth

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By Lara Buck

An infant gets his first tooth after a few months of his birth, and within a few years, you will find the full set of teeth on your baby. However, the first teeth are very important and you need to clean them and maintain them very carefully. The first teeth are the foundation of the future dental set of your child and the maintenance of these will decide if he or she will get a healthy set in the future. If you do not clean and maintain the first teeth carefully then your child can face some serious troubles like chewing and speaking problems.

Initial Care of Baby Teeth:

First, before using toothbrush and toothpaste you need to clean your baby’s gums with some soft cotton. Gently wipe the gums at least twice a day and especially before bedtime. In this process, you can clean the bacteria from his or her teeth. Bacteria and food ingredients can be deposited inside the gums and you have to clean the baby’s gums with plain moisturized cotton only.

Consult with a professional dentist and take their suggestion for getting healthy baby teeth. If the dentist suggests using tooth brush then you can choose some small-headed toothbrush with a long handle. Then you have to apply the toothbrush on his or her teeth and gently wash the front side and behind the teeth.

 Most children start brushing their teeth when they are six years old. Therefore, until they can brush their teeth by themselves, you have to brush their teeth twice per day.

 When you choose the toothpaste for your baby, you have to consult with the dentist and they will suggest you some chemical free toothpaste for your baby.

 Always keep a watch and maintain the baby’s teeth very carefully. When you brush your baby’s teeth, you need to apply the brush slowly.

 If you find any spot and brown patch on your baby’s teeth then immediately contact the pediatric dentist. In such cases, the dentist may wash his or her teeth with some dental solutions and they can also suggest you some preventions.

How Do You Maintain Your Baby’s Teeth?

If you do not find any problem on your baby’s teeth, it is still recommended that you consult with the dentist once in a year, because they can check the gums, fluoride content of the toothpaste, teeth setting and they can provide you proper teeth care suggestions. If you do not concentrate on your baby’s teeth at the initial stage then it will create some major problems in the future. Then your children may need some denture and they have to go through some painful treatment. So it is suggested to take care of their teeth and always consult with the dentist at the earlier stages.

 If your baby is suffering from some teeth problems, then you can give him or her some teething ring. You can also apply some cold washcloth on their teeth. There are some teething rings available, which are designed with liquid fillers. Do not use these teething rings because these can leak or can even break due to pressure and your baby can suffer from sudden choking.

 Gum rubbing is an excellent process to clean the baby gums. You can clean your finger with some chemical free hand wash and then rub your baby’s teeth with your finger. Through this process, you can clean his or her teeth.

When you find the infant’s first teeth on his or her gum, you need to contact the dentist at the earliest. The certified dentist will check the gums and teeth, and they will show you the cleaning process of infant’s teeth.

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