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By Evans Walsh Finally, you have decided to act. You need a website for your small business or a complete overhaul of the existing one. That is a great idea. However, not all of us are web designers. That means you will need someone to get the job done. 54% of small businesses look for external website designers. The real test comes in finding the right person for the task. How do you determine whether someone is fit for the job? How do you ensure you end up with the right site for your business? How much is it likely to cost? Define your needs A business site can be as perfect as you want it to be. You should not rely on web designers to tell you what should be and what shouldn’t be on your site. You know your business and you know what it needs. Carry out your own research and only include the things you need. For microbusiness, a six-page website can do. This website should include; · Homepage · About Us · Our Services · Contact Us · Testimonials/Reviews · Event Page To save yourself the stress of finding what to include, you can ask your peers or employees for help. Better still, you can use information from your customers and only include the basic pages they require. Know your Budget When it comes to seeking the services of a web designer, the service cost involved can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Just like in any other business sphere, the phrase ‘you only get what you pay for’ is applicable. You start messing up the moment you start cutting the costs of essential elements in web design. However, that does not warrant spending a fortune on web design. Carry out your research on key players in the industry, such as Las Vegas Web Design Co, and come up with a realistic budget. Most importantly, you should focus on ROI. Is the cost of designing the web going to reflect on the expected results? If the web designer can answer that question and substantiate his claim, then you have reasons to hire him or her. Demand Record of Accomplishment A web designer is as good as the last few jobs he has done. Before settling on a particular web designer, you need to be convinced of his services. Can he provide you with samples of his previous works? Do they look impressive? It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the number of years he has been in practice. Instead, you should focus on finding someone who understands your industry and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a perfect website for your business. Provide the designer with two possible case studies and assess their approach to measuring results. A good website can go a long way in enhancing brand awareness and boosting your revenues. That gives you every reason to be careful when looking for a web designer. Take your time, follow this guideline, and only hire an expert that guarantees satisfactory results.

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