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Mack Brown Out as Texas Longhorns Head Coach After the Alamo Bowl

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Austin, TX

It was announced just recently that Mack Brown will resign from being the head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns after 16 years of service. Before Brown took over, Texas wasn’t that good of a program and he did an amazing job at recruiting and turned the team around a full 180 degrees and with reaching his personal apex in 2005 after defeating the University of South California Trojans 41-38 to win the BCS Championship. Brown did everything on the field and off the field the right way and will go down as as one of the better coaches in the modern era of football.

With Brown gone and seemingly unlimited funds, the Longhorns will bring in someone prestigious and there are names being thrown around already include Stanford Cardinal coach David Shaw and he would likely thrive there. Another big name being thrown around is San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh as he turned teams like UC San Diego and Stanford into good schools before turning pro and he was a play way from winning the Super Bowl last season. Finally, the last possible candidate that might be considered that’s a big name is Charlie Strong, who is currently the Louisville Cardinals coach and it will be hard for him to say no if he’s offered the job especially if his star quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater decides to declare for the draft and be the likely number one overall pick.

All and all, it should be interesting to see who replaces Mack Brown down in Austin and whomever it is will have tremendously large shoes to fill with sky high expectations to return the team to national championship glory. Whomever it is, it will put the Big-12 on notice that the Longhorns are back and they are ready to Hook’em all!

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