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Mary Jane: A Love Story

Mary Jane is a beautiful gal. Green, sticky, sometimes hairy and most of all, she smells amazing. I fell in love at first sight….or should I say, the first toke?

All jokes aside, marijuana is amazing. Besides the medical benefits, it makes everything better. Seth Rogen said it himself, and he wasn’t lying! Here’s a list of what marijuana makes better, and I’d be lying if I left out the fact that this list would be pretty damn long. I’ll keep it short and fun.

  • Waking and baking
  • Before work/school
  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Physical and emotional pain
  • Music
  • Netflix and chill
  • Food tastes way better
  • Running and smoking between miles. Sounds odd but try it!
  • Bonfires/party
  • Sleeping

I could keep listing things that weed makes better, but you get the point. You probably already know all of this, assuming you’re a pot enthusiast like myself (lol). So, why did I waste time writing this up?

The point is that weed can enhance anyone’s life. It holds great medical benefits, but the recreational perks far outweigh them in my mind. Why is it that I could go to a bar, spend 30 bucks and get wasted, then make a stupid decision to drive home and in the process, get into an accident and kill a family? Smoking weed is so horrible? Anyone who says it impairs your driving like alcohol is brainwashed and probably never even smoked it before. If anything, I drive slower and more safely if I’m high. Oh, the irony there.

The federal government wishes to keep it classified as a drug like heroin, even though it’s safer than alcohol and tobacco combined. I have my suspicions that it has more to do with the pharmaceutical companies and the DEA, then it does our “safety.” In other words, companies and people will lose a lot of personal income by legalizing weed on a federal level, yet it’ll create more jobs and help the economy for some many others. People would have jobs, our schools would be funded well, our roads might even improve, and overall, the economy would be better off. Those in power are afraid of losing the green that fills their pockets, and no I’m not speaking of weed, but the cash. We have men and women wasting dollars in the prison system for petty crimes related to weed. That’s another thing that would improve if we can legalize it on the federal level.

Itis good to see states like Colorado, Washington, and California reaping the benefits from legalizing it. Many other states will be voting for it soon, and it is decriminalized in many states as well. I think things are headed in the right direction!

I guess now I’m gonna hop off, smoke a bowl and read the Bible while high off of the devils lettuce.

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