The NBA season will be underway in less than a month with Training Camp starting at the end of September. The Philadelphia 76ers have made improvements and will be looking to shake that dreaded “tank” stigma. There are many questions that will surround the 76ers all season but with the start of camp, let’s dive into what the 76ers must make clear before their season opener.

Find A Real Point Guard

The 76ers have talent at most positions but the main one is still lacking. If the team can somehow swing a trade for Avery Bradley of the Celtics then their lineup will be set. But for now, they will go with Jerryd Bayless as their lead man. Bayless is not the player you want running your team as a full-time starter but he’s what the team has. I believe they should have found a way to keep Ish Smith but in true Sixers fashion, they let a good player walk.

Focus On Perimeter Play

The 76ers will be a handful in the low post with Jahlil Okafor, Ben Simmons, Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid. What they must do is get consistent shooters from the perimeter to give the guys in the post more room to operate. For the chuckles that were given due to the signing of Gerald Henderson, that may turn out to be one of the best deals during the offseason. As a team the 76ers put up 28 three-pointers in 2015, only making nine for 34 percent. If perimeter play improves the team will be very dangerous.

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Keep Simmons Production Within The Offensive Flow

The 76ers are a young team but Simmons is a younger player. For the team to be successful this season, HC, Brett Brown must keep a tight leash on rookie Simmons. The 76ers finished 29th in points scored in 2015, meaning they must find a way to get better production. Most expect Simmons to be the runaway ROY winner but the 76ers need him to be a team player. Simmons must not come out mirroring 1984 Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. If he can stay within the offense, that will make his teammates better. Simmons should get at least 12-15 shots per game.