One of Batman’s arch-villains is Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face. Now, while he actually has two faces, he is also an allegory for people in the world who, show one side of who they are to the public, but in reality are someone totally different.

It is becoming more and more apparent that FOX News political commentator and host of the first of the Republican debates Megyn Kelly, may be one such person.

While she maintains a professional “innocence” and cuts a sympathetic figure after the flare up with Donald Trump, apparently the real Megyn Kelly is not so innocent or sympathetic.

Obviously behind closed doors we are all a little different than the persona we put out to the world, and if it were just a little different with Kelly, it would be alright. But apparently the difference between who she portrayed at the debate and who she actually is, is like the difference between Caddyshack and Caddyshack 2.

When FOX News has the eyes of the country on it, Kelly softens a lot of her stances on things and while is still a conservative, at least gave the appearance that she was a moderate one and was willing to ask the tough questions.

Of course the other 364 days of the year, she spouts the conservative agenda like no other. When she does, she does not come off nearly as likeable as she did when she was a little more reserved in front of the entire country.

11145219_10153109761526167_8668528546822368261_nRemember this is the woman who has made sure the world knows that both Santa and Jesus are white, that President Obama is coming too hard after communities that are white and rich and that Planned Parenthood may be more evil than Hitler and Satan combined.

Of course, if she had spouted that crap during the debate I am sure most of the country would have loved Donald Trump to totally bash her. But nobody said she’s an idiot, and when the eyes of the country are on you instead of just the hard core conservatives that watch FOX News, it is better off to be the lamb than the lion.

I do find it totally disingenuous however, that someone who has those very views will do everything she can to appear to be someone else when the eyes of the country are on them. If you feel a certain way and have said as such when it is just people who share that view are watching, then have the damn courage of your convictions and be that person no matter what.

I know it seems like an anomaly these days, but how awesome would it be to see someone be who they are no matter what the circumstance? I will tell you this, I may not like what she stands for, but I would have a hell of a lot more respect for Kelly as both a journalist and a human being if she would have been herself.

As it is now, she is just another symbol of what is wrong with journalism in the world. Hunter S. Thompson wrote about “yellow journalism (also known as gonzo journalism)” and he may not have known who Megyn Kelly is, but he knew what she was all about, and now so do most of us.

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