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Megyn Kelly: Are Two Faces Better than One?

One of Batman’s arch-villains is Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face. Now, while he actually has two faces, he is also an allegory for people in the world who, show one side of who they are to the public, but in reality are someone totally different. It is becoming more and more apparent that FOX News political commentator and host of the first of the Republican debates Megyn Kelly, may
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Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump: The GOP’s Sexist War on Women and the Greater Divide at Fox News

When there is a presidential debate of any kind, you usually expect the fireworks to fly. But after Thursday’s Republican debate, which was filled with acrimony and venom, the fireworks have gotten even brighter and more brilliant, for lack of a better term. It all started when Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly went after Donald Trump about his attitude towards women. While during the debate, it didn’t really amount to
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Megyn Kelly: Are Donald Trump’s Sexist Remarks His Achilles Heel?

While the big news with Donald Trump of late has been his views on immigration, it is another section of the population that he may have an even bigger problem with, and this group votes. That’s right while he may have thought it en vogue to insult the Mexican population, FOX News moderator Megyn Kelly made sure his “anti-female” views became part of the news cycle. Despite setting a ratings