As the WWE gears up for Summerslam, their second biggest show of the year, things begin to heat up.

The show will have a Wrestlemania feel to it because it is now 4 hours and will have a mixture of celebrities involved as well.  Here are some of the latest rumors and notes to keep in mind as we head down the home stretch to slam!

Rumors are running rampant of a possible retirement clause being added to the Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match at Summerslam. If that does occur, look for Undertaker to lose, further putting Lesnar over.  Despite his broken nose, plans are still in full force for John Cena to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE title at Summerslam, also it seems the angle will last at least through Survivor Series in November.

It appears that the giant push scheduled for Lana has now been moved to Eva Marie, as the WWE feels the hard work she is putting in down in NXT may be enough to get her over with the fans.  Look for tonight’s episode of Raw to be very angle heavy and for several story lines to develop for Summerslam.

The chances of Roman Reigns getting over as face continue to decrease as over the weekend at a house show in Canada, a fan threw an actual briefcase at Roman Reigns knocking him out. This may be just a another obvious signal hat.

WWE was apparently very happy with the recent Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho house show matches and the possibility of a television feud in the future has been thrown around once the feud with Owens and Cesaro completes it’s course.

According to, there are a lot of stories going around on Adam Rose and it’s apparently not decided what his gimmick change will be. Some feel he will bring back the Leo Kruger angle he had in NXT, others feel he will be the new third member of the Wyatt family.

Look for a mixed tag team match at Summerslam with Lana & Dolph Ziggler taking on Summer Rae & Rusev. Despite their best efforts, the new diva NXT takeover seems to be falling flat as the fans are simply not behind it.

Don’t be shocked if the Prime Time Players drop the belts back to the New Day at Summerslam.  It shouldn’t be too much longer until Ryback is cleared to return and start defending his WWE Intercontinental title again.

It appears that a Stardust vs Steven Amell match at Summerslam is not a sure thing, a possible Neville substitution for Amell is much more likely.  Finally, the WWE has no plans on using Sting currently, that could change at anytime however.

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