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Megyn Kelly: Are Donald Trump’s Sexist Remarks His Achilles Heel?

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While the big news with Donald Trump of late has been his views on immigration, it is another section of the population that he may have an even bigger problem with, and this group votes.

That’s right while he may have thought it en vogue to insult the Mexican population, FOX News moderator Megyn Kelly made sure his “anti-female” views became part of the news cycle.

Despite setting a ratings record of 24 million for a political debate, the first Republican debate in Cleveland, will best be remembered for one thing; Donald Trump vs. Women.

The man who many feel can get the Republican nod to be the one to go up against Hilary, may have an even bigger opponent to defeat. In Thursday’s debate he was confronted by Kelly about using words like “dog” “fat” and “disgusting” to insult women he believes have slighted him. Of course Trump denied remembering using them, but they are littered all over his twitter feed, so believe what you will.

Kelly asked Trump directly about using such language and whether it reflected the temperament of a man we should elect as president”. At the time of the debate, Trump was dismissive of Kelly’s question, but 24 hours later he went directly after the FOX News Moderator.

Before dawn he reposted a tweet calling her a “bimbo”, but that was quickly deleted. But later that day he called her a “lightweight” saying, “She’s not very tough and not very sharp, I don’t respect her as a journalist.”

When Trump was asked to talk about her remarks during the debate, Trump may have dug himself an even bigger hole saying, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

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It is that kind of rhetoric that can bounce a man from the top spot. I am not so sure his Campaign Manager wanted him to say it, but I will say this for him, anti-woman or not, he will speak his mind.

But it may prove very costly, already he is losing opportunities. Conservative commentator Erick Erickson said he was withdrawing his invitation for Trump to appear at his RedState Gathering in Atlanta on Saturday saying, “I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal.”

Trump’s campaign quickly went into repair mode and came out with a statement of their own about the situation saying, “This is just another example of weakness through being politically correct. For all of the people who were looking forward to Mr. Trump coming, we will miss you. Blame Erick Erickson, your weak and pathetic leader.”

Of course part of the issue is Trump’s words in his book Trump: How to Get Rich, belie some of the things he says now. In the book he writes, “For many years I’ve said that if someone screws you, screw them back. When somebody hurts you, just go after them as viciously and as violently as you can.”

Which he has done time after time after time, a lot of it against women in the public eye. Here are just a few examples of who and how he has spoken about the fairer sex:

On Rosie O’Donnell (which Trump admits to) in 2006 he said: “Rosie O’Donnell’s disgusting, I mean both inside and out. You take a look at her, she’s a slob. She talks like a truck driver. ‘I’d look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers, I’d say, ‘Rosie, you’re fired”

Last year, Trump called Huffington Post editor Arianna Huffington: “A dog who wrongfully comments on me. She is ugly both inside and out!”

In 2012 when asked about Bette Midler Trump said: “But whenever she sees me, she kisses my ass. She’s disgusting.”

Trump also showed his true sexist side when talking about a female contestant on his show “The Apprentice”. He was told she got down on her knees to beg, to which he responded: “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”

Finally he even took a shot at his possible Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, by retweeting then deleting a tweet that said about the former First Lady: “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

Overall, it does not paint a pretty picture for the man a lot of people are considering a front runner for the Republican nod. But then again, haven’t always wanted a President who is willing to speak his mind, right or wrong, and not just cow-towing to the lowest common denominator?

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