Mena Garcia been sent to all four corners of the globe, flown out by clients from St. Petersburg to all the way in Sydney, but as model, image consultant and all-round fashionista Mena Garcia goes through her top tips for dealing with clients, a particularly old-fashioned rule tops the list: treat your customers with dedication, attention and always put them first. “I think one of the biggest reasons as to why I have such loyal clients is because they know that I’ll go the extra mile and not make a fuss about it. Too many businesses penny-pinch, adding extra costs here and there, not being reachable out of hours, whereas I want to make my clients feel majestic.”

She is a top image consultant and a color specialist who has clients ranging from celebrities to CEOs to politicians. All high-demand individuals who require the best service from those around them. Garcia modestly says “It just happened by chance really.” Due to her modeling career, Mena was lucky enough to live in multiple countries and it’s through this, that she started to build up an envious list of image-consultant clients in different cities. “I’ve been fortunate to spend long periods of time in Buenos Aires, New York City, Los Angeles and London and with lots of time and care I’ve managed to meet some fabulous people, transforming their image and ultimately their personal and professional lives.”

About half of Garcia’s clients though, are not the ones who can afford to fly her around the world – they’re just regular folks looking to make a change in their life for the better. “I have lots of clients who only want to improve their dating lives, so I help them do that by making them the best versions of themselves. I frequently get asked to help a client with the goal of refreshing their work wardrobe to help them get a promotion at work. I’ve even helped some clients for upcoming job interviews. These clients are probably the most rewarding.”

Whilst modeling, Garcia trained as an image consultant in London and has managed to practice her craft all over the world. Bringing her experiences together has culminated in a unique service which teaches clients how to dress, accessorise, walk, talk, date, meet others, excel at work and so much more. Mena proudly says “image really can change your life and I’ve been so lucky to work with loyal clients who recommend me to their friends and peers. This is how I’ve managed to get most of my clients – a hype built via word-of mouth – and this is has resulted in many amazing opportunities and being sent all over the world.

Mena is tight-lipped though and works with a strict non-disclosure policy. “I think that one of the best decisions I made was to have a very strict confidentiality policy. I do not share, under any circumstances, my client list or my client’s journeys with me. I create a safe place for the client, and a service for the client only. They really appreciate my full discretion and it makes them feel very comfortable and able to share all kinds of problems with me. I do not believe in name dropping or using client’s privacy in order to get more business.”

I believe in always continuing to learning and bettering yourself, so I am consult taking courses. Self-improvement is key to becoming the most rounded person you can be and a better professional. It keeps you up with the latest tends and working techniques in the industry, and gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people who have similar interests to you. Even if it’s just for fun, it will improve your skillset and also help pass the time during these peculiar times – so go out and learn a skill! It will do wonders for your self esteem”

Yet, with COVID restrictions bringing the world to a screeching halt, Garcia  has not been able to travel much but informs us that she has a busy schedule for “some time soon” as she confirms that she has been asked to travel to multiple destinations for consultations. “I believe I am truly blessed as I’ve got clients waiting to see me face-to-face overseas.” As soon as she is able to, she will be traveling to see prospective clients who insist on a meeting in person. She believes it’s the best way – “I get to have real conversations, see real people, colors, clothing and really get an understanding of what the client wants face-to-face; it’s most beneficial.”

For now Mena sees image clients in the city where she is based and remains busy by constantly adapting. “I can’t complain too much, I still am able to work on projects around me and nearby, and virtually. Due to COVID, I started to offer most of my services online too, still a fan of face-to-face, but safety comes first. I am getting used to providing certain services online, and I am starting to really enjoy it”. Mena says that she finds it much easier to work online with existing clients because she was able to do their color analysis amongst other things in person.

As the world starts moving again, Mena is certain to resume her ways of working, and combine them with the new online techniques to help clients get moving again in their personal and professional lives. She has been helping her existing and new clients all through the pandemic, and is looking forward to the moment when she will help them resume to their pre-covid way of life, with more interaction and more out-of your home life. “I believe the last year or so has left a lot of people sluggish and behind and I like helping my clients get back on to their feet at work, with a new business or even their dating lives!” After all this time locked up, Mena’s crafted skills will no doubt be useful as she gets flown around transforming her clients’ image.

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