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The Miami Dolphins got a little help from their friends. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, the Dolphins inched closer to a wild card spot. Having stumbled through the tough defense of the Rams Miami came out ahead. Next up is the San Francisco 49ers at home. If the Dolphins pull out a win against the 1-9 team, it’ll be their first six-game win streak in over a decade of football. The 49ers may get the benefit of an injured Miami team, but West Coast teams tend to struggle coming east. Advantage Miami: The shine has started to dim for the Dolphins, but it’s still there. With the offensive line losing key starters, running back Jay Ajayi has slowed down his pace. Luckily for fantasy owners trying to push their way into a playoff spot, the 49ers are dead last in rushing yards per game with 179. Combine that with their struggling pass defense and they’re dead last in total yards allowed per game as well. Miami could limp into this game and still pull out a victory but will have to eliminate penalties. Injuries can only be overcome by eliminating mistakes and not turning over the football. If Miami can get into a rhythm, they should be able to take advantage of their playmakers. With Devante Parker looking to come into his own and Jarvis Landry putting teams on high alert the Dolphins should be able to impose their will on a bad defense. Advantage San Fran: At 1-9, there’s not a ton the San Francisco 49ers are doing right. With the Dolphins defense slowly coming around the 49ers will have their hands full. However, as with Titans, they have a quarterback who can run the football. Even with their struggles, Colin Kaepernick should give the Dolphins cause for concern. A quarterback who runs the football changes the dynamic of the game. If Kaepernick can get outside the tackles and make the Dolphins miss, their physical, aggressive style will play right into the hands of the opposing offense. Should they cheat too much towards the line, roll out plays will leave receivers wide open for the big play. Sit back and cover the pass and the quarterback could take off. For the 49ers to win, they have to make use of the entire field. While a five-game win streak is impressive, everything good must come to an end. Miami has been impressive in winning each week. Unfortunately for fans, a game full of mistakes and grind take a lot out of a football team. Miami has all the necessary tools to win this game but needs to get healthy. They’ve bought into the system and believed they could win. Their new found next man up philosophy has kept them in a position to win games. With their sixth win, they’ve matched a couple of experts win prediction. However, injuries kill momentum and even though the 49ers have struggled, against the Rams the Dolphins struggled more. San Francisco will win 20-15.

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