Minecraft game has received lots of appreciation and affection from people worldwide. The innovation and the hunger for more have introduced us to some of the greatest parkour servers on Minecraft. Another such incredible addition is the Minecraft Prison Servers. This is different from other Minecraft servers in many segments.

For those unaware of this incredible modern-day genius server, this article will draw a general outline of this server for better understanding. Once understood, you can add this to your gaming list and experience Minecraft from a new perspective. You will find this prison server addicting and venturesome.  

What Is Prison Server?

The concept of a prison-based map has proved to be of great significance for Minecraft fans. The map is a prison- escape based instead of a normal Minecraft world. All the players are spawned inside the bottom of a prison. Players are empty-handed with no resources, and they have to fight, mine and earn more money to become strong to survive and escape. Your strength and abilities are measured by ranking your mining and earning. 


How To Play Prison Servers?

Anyone with a little experience of Minecraft can make their name on the prison server of Minecraft. This simple and easy to use server works just like any other regular server, only with some advanced technical features. Open your Minecraft application, select multiplayer mode and add prison server from the “Add Server” option. You are now all set to enter the prison map and plan your escape with your skills and utmost perfect features.


LEVEL 2: OP Prison Servers

The advanced stage of the prison server is an OP prison server. This nonvanilla Minecraft enchantment containing server is unique and a bit advanced than regular prison servers. This server’s skills and commands are more powerful and efficient for a better experience. 

The enchantments on certain actions can go as high as 1000 on this server. The best prisons are found on this server. Some servers contain a mash-up of both op and non-op twists to provide a unique flavour to your gaming.

There are many options for you to explore for the best server in the market. Minecraft Prison Servers are the best for gamers looking for a new, advanced and redefined experience on the Minecraft platform. Make your studies, do your research and conclude the best option for you. 


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