Michelle Sports XDear Michelle, Recently it was reported that the NFL has announced it would bar players who have been convicted of weapons or domestic offenses from the NFL Draft Combine.  In light of what’s being reported about allegations against Johnny Manziel by his former girlfriend, what do you think the NFL should do about Johnny Manziel?  Should players who commit domestic violence or are alleged to have done so be barred from the league?  – Former Fan

Dear Former,

Thank you so much for your patience.  Yesterday was a busy day and my ‘Monday Morning’ column is being posted a bit later than usual.

In answer to your first question about what the NFL should do about Johnny Manziel, I believe that it should conduct an investigation in accordance with its domestic violence rules and that it should discipline Mr. Manziel accordingly.  Based on what I have read of the account which was reported by @NBCSports, Johnny Manziel seems to gravitate toward trouble and continues to be somewhat self destructive.  It’s a shame, but it is what it is.  If his former girlfriend’s account of what happened is true, she’s lucky she was not more seriously injured.  I hope he gets help the needs.  In my opinion, his being in the NFL seems like the least of his problems.

As far as your second question about players who commit domestic violence being barred from the league, I think that’s a bit extreme.  Although I agree that potential players should be required to submit to background checks that might reveal felony or misdemeanor convictions, I think barring someone for a misdemeanor conviction is extreme.  Lots of college kids get into trouble and sometimes the criminal justice system does not always play out fairly.  Kids might opt to plea to a misdemeanor.  In my opinion, that’s a bit harsh.  Additionally, I do not see where the league is barring these players from playing or being signed just not attending events.  So that’s equally troubling.

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