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Movies: Can Jason Sudeikis become a Hollywood leading man?

There are a lot of Hollywood actors that can be considered major draws. Names like Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, and George Clooney are just some that fall into this category. However, one name that’s slowly becoming a big attraction is Jason Sudeikis. And the question of whether he can become a leading man in Hollywood is one that needs to be answered.

With a slew of feature films to his resume, Sudeikis is quietly becoming Hollywood royalty. He’s had quite a successful 2016, being featured in five films. Sudeikis showed off his versatility this year. Films such as Race, Angry Birds, Mothers Day, and Masterminds have explored all aspects of his acting ability.

Angry Birds proved to be the crowning jewel of Sudeikis’s 2016, grossing over $340 million worldwide. And while that film was a monster hit, it’s his other movies from this year that have brought into question whether he can be considered an elite box office draw.

The two other big budget films that Sudeikis has been featured in, Mothers Day and Race, proved to be colossal flops. It shouldn’t all be the fault of Sudeikis though. Race came out during February, a dead month for most films. Mothers Day was destined to fail, and not even an All-Star cast that included Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts could save it.

Sudeikis has garnered up a lot of goodwill in Hollywood. His most successful films, We’re The Miller’s and Horrible Bosses have more than made up for a few 2016 blunders. The two movies combined to make over $320 million at the domestic box office. However, all of this still doesn’t mean Sudeikis is a legitimate draw in Hollywood.

Both Mothers Day and Race couldn’t quite cut the mustard when it came to bringing in cash. Also, the follow-up to Horrible Bosses only drew $55 million. As mentioned before, you can’t blame Sudeikis for some of these failures, but ticket sales certainly didn’t increase because of his inclusion in these films.

On the other hand, We’re the Millers, and Horrible Bosses were fresh and original comedies that came out during the Summer months, both factors weighed heavily in the film’s success. Angry Birds was a well-known property, which likely helped the box office intake.

Calling Jason Sudeikis a draw might be a bit of a reach. While he’s had some high-profile films, he’s also had some flops. His drawing power has a lot to do with the circumstances surrounding the film, such as release date, original story, and familiarity with the movie going public. Sudeikis could be a draw in due time, but there is still work to do.

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