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NBA News: Why Bleacher Report’s Top 20 player rankings misses the mark

With the NBA season around the corner, Adam Fromal of Bleacher Report decided to bless us with some NBA News and rank the top players in the league. The one that caught my attention were his last 20. Here’s his list of the last players picked and let me now if you agree or not.


Each player on the list is well deserved of being mentioned, but their placement has me shaking my head. For starters, Curry should not be ahead of Lebron or even Westbrook for that matter. I get that Curry is top-noodle in the NBA due to his team’s recent success, but he is also new to success. It seems these ranking were done more on the popularity side than skill side. Kawhi Leonard is a great player, but for him to be ranked ahead of Westbrook, Durant and Anthony Davis is a slap in the face for die-hard NBA fans worldwide and not just respective cities.

A laugher of a ranking has Klay Thompson ahead of Harden. You may take points away from Harden due to his lack of defense but to have Thompson who cannot lead a team to 40 wins ahead of a player that has single-handily placed a team on his back is insane. There may not be a better scorer in the NBA than Harden; Thompson ranks high on the list due to his affiliation with Curry and No. 6 Draymond Green. Green is too high on this list as well. How is Green higher than Chris Paul, Davis, LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard? Don’t let those triple-doubles fool you.

I guess if you win 73 games you automatically receive a pass. Formal also has the nerve to place Kyle Lowry above Harden, Wall, Davis, Paul George, and Harden. I have no idea where Fromal resides, but wherever it is, there must be something special floating in the air there. Please explain to me how DeAndre Jordan made this list over Blake Griffin or Dwight Howard?

If picking a team, I will choose Andre Drummond over Jordan all day. This list just feels like he woke up one morning and decided he wanted to piss off NBA fans everywhere except the Bay area. I know certain guys are old, but where are Carmelo and Wade? Does his NBA research only go back five seasons? There are still two of the most dominant players in the league. I also see no Pau Gasol or Demarcus Cousins, and I know he has them ranked, but to leave them out of the top 20 and replace them with Lowry, Jordan, Thompson and Paul Millsap is crazy.

The higher ups at Bleacher Report just threw him under the bus with this article. “Let’s throw him to the wolves” they had to say, knowing in their hearts he made countless mistakes in his rankings. But, I must say, it’s his opinion, and we are all entitled to one. I respect what he had the b**** to do, but I disagree with what he did.


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