Details regarding the sequel to Independence Day have been scarce. We do know that Will Smith is not going to return, although according to director Roland Emmerich there will be at least one returning cast member from the 1996 blockbuster.

Emmerich announced on his Twitter feed that Jeff Goldblum will indeed reprise his role as David Levinson. However, that wasn’t the only name Emerich mentioned, as franchise newcomer, and Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth will also lend his talents to the film.

While the returning Goldblum is certainly a welcome casting amongst many Independence Day fans, the exclusion of Will Smith is heartbreaking for some. Although, the sequel will still center around events influenced by Smith’s character.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that up-and-coming actor Jessie Usher will be playing the part of Smith’s son, whom was featured in the first film. Unlike Hemsworth and Goldblum, Usher is a relatively unknown actor.

The Maryland native is just getting his feet wet in the acting world. His first big film was the football drama, When the Game Stands Tall. He followed that up with a starring role in the Starz series, Survivors Remorse.

Jessie Usher could see his acting career skyrocket because of Independence Day. Which parallels the career of Will Smith, whose stock rose exponentially from the 1996 film.

With a the experience of Goldblum and Hemsworth  and returning director Roland Emmerich, Independence Day is primed to be just a explosive as the original. Just make sure to keep a close eye on Jessie Usher.

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