Sex on the First Date

Sex on the first seems to have a lot of rules around it. Many perceive it to be ok if you are sure and want to have sex. Some say that sex on the very first date puts an end to any hope of a proper relationship. Apparently, when men get what they want i.e. sex, they don’t want a relationship with that woman. There are many rumours, advice and supposed true stories floating around.

So, if you do choose to have sex on the first date, what are the risks?

  • It becomes sexual from the beginning and everyone thinks about each other from the perspective of physical satisfaction and it never goes beyond that.
  • The body’s need for sex can be all consuming at times. So, humans may not want to or feel the need to think about something bigger or better than just sex. As long as they get orgasms, they are good.
  • Any relationship that starts from sex and is built solely on sex will crumble once the sex has dried up.
  • As a woman, it is said that if you give in, then you have revealed all your cards too early. There is no so-called “chase” and men are not interested anymore.
  • Sex on the first date can smother and kill sexual tension quite early. And sometimes this sexual tension can lead you to a stronger and genuine relationship. This is important as people need time to get emotionally attached. Till then, it is this tension that keeps you going.
  • There is still no trust and yet you are going in for it. If you are going to be naked with a person, there is some trust needed. And the first date is very little time to actually build it.
  • It can get hard to move from a relationship that is focused on sex to a serious one. A man can just put you in the not serious category and continue to have sex without any strings.
  • You still haven’t focused on intellectual and the emotional connect which is very important for any relationship. Don’t you think this should be built first?
  • You may be putting yourself ta the risk of an STD. Although many say that its ok to go with the flow, do you automatically assume that the other party is clean? There is a high risk of STDs and STIs if you don’t know the person and don’t trust him to be honest with you.
  • If you get attached to a person because you have had sex without getting to know them, you may be settling.

Now, this is purely from my viewpoint, which could be different than your’s on sex on the first date.

However, I do believe in “to each his own” so if you feel you are ready for it, your hormones are raging and you don’t want to hold back, then you decide. But to put in a good word, some people have confessed that they met their life partners and had sex on their first date. It was because they felt it was natural and right. If you think you are ok with having hookups, that too is your decision. You just need to be sure about yourself before you make any hasty choices.

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