sexual excitement

Women have equal sexual drive as men. Although, they are better at controlling it. Men are more expressive about these things and they usually give in to their temptations. On the other hand, women can control it better and they usually avoid talking about the same as well. However, there are different trick and strategies that women use to control their sexual excitement.

Sometimes, they have just met someone and they do not want to go ahead right away. On other day, they might not have a partner and so, it becomes important to control on the sexual desires and excitement. Read on to find out the different ways through which woman controls her sexual excitement.

  • Reads erotica

Most women read erotic stories to control their sexual excitement. It is a saviour for all the single ladies out there. They like reading and imagining things. Hence, if a woman feels like having sex but, does not have anyone, then she will read erotica. The good part is that there are a lot of erotica stories and novels available online. Apart from that, women indulge themselves in adult confessions as well. These things help them control their excitement.


  • Watches various movies

Women do not necessarily indulge in porn. However, they do watch it as well. Apart from that, they watch romantic movies too. Some of them opt for adult movies as well. Seeing things also helps them in controlling their sexual desires. The single life is not that great. It is especially difficult when you have sexual desires and no one to get intimate with. Women try to distract their minds by watching such kind of things. It makes them feel good about themselves and also gives them a hope.


  • Masturbate

A lot of women masturbate too. However, some of them still feel shy to do something like that. This is the only way they can control their sexual excitement in public and find a release on their own. Porn movies and erotic stories help them to masturbate. This is the only way that they can keep their feelings in check. Sometimes women also touch themselves and just imagine different things in their head. They do not necessarily masturbate completely. This is one thing that differs from women to women. Although, this is one of the way through which they can control their sexual excitement in front of people.


  • Indulge in physical activity

A lot of women hit the gym or go for a run when they are feeling horny. This helps in releasing the sexual excitement and tension in their body. Not all women can wrap their head around masturbating or watching porn. Thus, they participate in physical activities like football, basketball and much more. Most of them just go for a walk as well. At least, for some time, it helps them to control their sexual excitement.


  • Eat greasy food

Food is said to release a lot of stress hormones. If you are sexually excited and do not do something about it, the hormones will create a tension in your body. Thus, a lot of women have greasy and oily food. They like to eat Chinese, pizza, pasta, burger and fried food. Apart from that, a lot of women eat chocolates. Chocolate is said to release the same kind of hormones in the body as sex. However, the intensity differs. This is one more way through which women can control their sexual excitement to a certain extent.



However, there are no defined rules for the same. Different things work for different women. You have to work a way out to control your feelings and desires.

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