more inclined towards virtual sex

Virtual sex involves sexual activity with at least one person as a participant. There can be more than one human participant too. This is done virtually or through the internet. It can place between a virtual character and a real person or between two or more real persons. Examples of virtual sex are digital remote stimulation, phone sex, cybersex, camming, sexting or using virtual reality platforms.  Communication equipment is used to transmit sexually explicit messages. This is done when your partner isn’t physically close or present with you.

Men or women – who likes it more?

Although a lot of these virtual options are open for men, it doesn’t necessarily mean that women don’t like virtual sex. Men may be more inclined towards virtual sex simply because there are more options for men. Cam sites have females who provide services for payment, which means men will be customers. Phone sex operators are mostly females which is why men get more options.

There are other ways too which females use to get the desired pleasure they want. Digital games, chat rooms, sexting can be enjoyed by women as well. Both men and women tend to like any form of sex and virtual sex isn’t any different. Many couples in long distance relationships resort to virtual sex to maintain their intimacy.

Virtual sex – why is it so popular?

Virtual sex has a lot of options in terms of platforms used for it. This is because virtual sex has seen a lot of demand from consumers. But why is it so popular? Let’s explore the reasons for it.

Communication of desires is freer in virtual sex. Two or more people, who could be in different countries, but aren’t physically close in one place, explore their sexual desires. There is a lot of mental safety and even shy people can freely ask for things that they wouldn’t have face to face.

Virtual connections are convenient and can be made quickly without investing a lot of time. Time and availability are managed well with virtual sex platforms. Many pay for virtual experiences such as virtual reality and they can be accessed on demand. There is no time or location constraint. Even live phone sex can be accessed at any time of the day.

Sometimes, these virtual connections can be precursors for a real-time committed relationship. This is why people often use it as dating platforms too.

Couples in long distance relationships use virtual sex freely and frequently. Sexual intimacy is difficult when two people aren’t in the same room. But with virtual sex, any distance doesn’t really matter. You can still communicate and enjoy sexual acts through virtual sex.

This has become way more convenient and fun due to new technology. A few years back, virtual sex wouldn’t have been possible.But today we have good internet connection which links us with the whole world.

There have been changes in sexual communication, the ways in which a copulating couple express themselves. It opens doors that previously weren’t available. You can do kinky things in the privacy of your own home and not worry about being seen or recorded.

Some may have issues with intimacy and they would need a safe space to start. Virtual sex offers that safe starting point. You can speak to anyone anonymously and this is why some people are more inclined towards virtual sex.

There are some major revolutions in virtual sex technology. The following are relatively new options for users.

Teledildonics – This is the usage of connected sex toys for pleasure. This category includes vibrators where the vibrations are controlled by an app or internet software. The goal is to provide real stimulation from a distance.

AR and VR – Virtual reality and alternate reality is a virtual world like a video game. Users can get into it and experience sex in a unique way.

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