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Living alone is sometimes a choice and sometimes circumstance. Living lonely could be a choice but it isn’t easy. I live alone but sometimes it gets hard just living day in and day out by myself, in silence. And in such circumstance if you lack in proper sex life then it may get frustrating sometimes. Sex is a natural, normal desire for humans and there are multiple benefits of sexual release. The orgasm releases good hormones, makes you feel better and also energises your mind. We could go on about sex, but we are looking options through which lonely men find sexual pleasure. Here are a few ways it can happen.

Porn – Porn is the main answer to all the single men who want that release. Normally healthy men do indulge in porn and it is great for reducing stress. Single me who haven’t been able to find a partner for a steamy session must rely on their hands and a good old porn video. Today there are various categories such as voyeur, milf, big boobs or ass and many more on porn sites. There are different options for straight, gay or lesbian viewers as well. With hundreds of videos to pick from, you will surely like something. Choose whatever you like and get ready to roll it!

Sex toys – A revolutionary product for men who want to have sex but don’t have a partner or want to try something new – sex dolls have changed the game. The very real looking dolls are made in a way that when you touch, they are soft and smooth. You get them in various shapes and sizes, and you can pick whichever agrees with you like a popular bbw fat sex doll. They have breasts and a vagina through which single lonely men can initiate the act of sex. The experience could be potentially very real and similar to sex with a woman. This is why sex doll is a major game changer in the sex toy industry. Another toy that is a good option is like a small device that mimics only a vagina. Men can use it and their imagination to think that they are having sex. The device or toy has space to accommodate a penis and even has ridges to ensure maximum pleasure. Other sex toys for men include a penis ring which isn’t too popular but can help in achieving orgasm.

Sex chat – Sex chats are a good way to indulge in verbal fantasies. For this you need to sign up on dating sites or apps and find a woman willing to explore sex chats with you. You don’t need commitment or dates or need to engage in any other actions. Just some time to spend talking to each other for sexual arousal and orgasming. Someone’s sexy words can make you hot and the right words can trigger an orgasm. Although you might be using your hand again, but it is a different way for finding satisfaction. This can be one of the easiest ways through which lonely men find sexual pleasure.

Cam sex – Cam sex is a higher version of sex chat and it involves video too. There are websites that allow men to interact with pretty women who do actions as requested by the client or viewer. Men can find women of all ages and choose someone that “lights their fire”. Then they can request a public chat time or a private one. In a public one there are multiple viewers and people can make requests for what they want. In a private chat, a man will have the woman to himself on video and can masturbate to her sexual acts for a stronger orgasm.

Virtual sex games – Have you ever thought if you could actually see your fantasies play out in front you, like you could watch it?If yes, then single men can use online sex games to fulfil certain fantasies and get sexual release. This is an online game – think video games but with a lot of sex and sexual acts. For example, if you score points, then Cinderella is going to rub your virtual cock. You can look for a game that matches your fantasies and give you some material to masturbate to. I had actually found one game in which the faster you scrolled with your mouse, the more a naked, busty woman would rub a virtual cock. Watching her boobs jiggle as she gives a hand job could do it for you. It is just about finding the right one.

There are multiple ways lonely men find sexual pleasure or can find pleasure in innovative ways. Being single for a while doesn’t mean that the body needs go away or that you shouldn’t try to get sexual release in other ways. Sexual activity is healthy and needed for adults to function well and remain happy.

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  1. Wonderful article and needs to be said. Especially these days, we simply must give ourselves permission to explore these alternatives. Many single men have embraced masturbation during covid and are enjoying the pleasure and release far more than they did even before COVID when they were dating. I hear it called the “silent sexual revolution.”

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