bathroom sex

Sex is an important act for couples as it is believed to build a bond and intimacy. These are necessary to keep a relationship going. Now having sex all the time in the same place can get boring, especially if you have been together for a good amount of time. That is why so many couples are looking up tips to make the sex life spicy. One of the ways to do it is by switching things up. Having sex at new places or spots can do that for some couples and bathroom sex is one way to do it. Couples can try it out either at home or get some action at a restaurant’s bathroom. Here are some tips on how to go about it in a public bathroom.

  • Be prepared with condom or anything else that you may need for the tumble in the cubicle.
  • Understand that in a public place, the bathroom surfaces may not always be clean and sanitary, so you need to be careful.
  • Wash your hands – always.
  • Kissing, cunnilingus and penile penetration are safer than fingering and or other acts as it may lead to infections.

Now if the couple wants to do it at a home bathroom or a hotel one, then it can be quite sexy. Choose a large space – like a shower to do it in. Imagine how both will be naked and there is hot water pouring over. Couples can choose a loofah or shower gel and rub it over each other, massaging erogenous zones. The man can touch the woman’s breasts and the pubic region while kissing her. The woman can massage a man’s butt and penis. The whole atmosphere is very sexy and can help in stimulation.

However, one must remember that water doesn’t act as a lubricant so the woman has to be sufficiently aroused and an important factor to satisfy a woman during intimacy. Bring some fun into washing each other’s bodies, get playful and show some sexy affection. The shower is a great place to play, but not the only one.

There will surely be a mirror in your bathroom, at least near your vanity. Try having sex in front of that and you will definitely enjoy it. The woman can be in front and the man can see the woman’s full nude body in front of him. The woman can watch herself get aroused, watch how the man touches her and feel sexy. The man can also watch very clearly what he is doing to the woman. The whole experience can be so very arousing and add some variety and sizzle to your sex life.

Finally, bathroom sex can be enticing and fun, however it doesn’t have to be super important. It is about how comfortable the couple is doing new things and trying new places. And there is of course the fact that if couples try new spots for sex, things may get a little more exciting than the same old bed.

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