Know if a Man Can Perform Well on the Bed

Sexual pleasure is a necessary part of well-being. The feeling of intimacy and love makes people happier. Sex is required in any romantic relationship. But can you tell if your man is good in bed when you are dating and haven’t had sex yet? You would think not, but there those few subtle cues that can guide you to know if a man can perform well on the bed or not.

Attentive and vocal – Does your man actively listen when you talk? If yes, then you know that he likes listening to you. This trait is good because when you are in the bedroom, he will listen to the right or wrong spot. If your man is vocal and attentive in general life, it shows that he doesn’t hesitate to say things out loud and pays attention to your likes and dislikes. This would mean that your man would be more than willing to make sure that you have a good time. He will watch for signs to see if you are having fun or not and if you are enjoying sex. He will ask you and guide you to make the experience better for both of you. Most like to hear the sounds of pleasure from their partners and if your man is attentive, he will focus on this and observe how your body reacts to the sexy things he does to you. Intuition also comes in play here as he can get you without you having to explain in detail. This is great, you probably may not want to talk much while he is pounding into you and stretching you out good. A good lover watches for signs and changes his manoeuvres to please you better.

Confident and intuitive – A person who isn’t confident in real life may not be fantastic in bed. Confidence could mean confidence with the body, in his moves and belief that he can please you. Believing in oneself is half the battle won. Thus, a confident man will not be afraid to explore with you or say whatever he is uncomfortable with. This translates into bedroom actions as well. So, knowing that he is ok with his body and sex tricks can tell you that he will try everything to make you scream in pleasure.

Open-minded – Being open-minded is a good trait to have, especially when you foresee a tumble on the bed soon. If your partner is open-minded, he will be open to trying new things and to whatever it takes to please you. You may have kinky desires which make you aroused and a partner who is ok to at least try them will do wonders. So, if you have those secret dirty desires, look for someone who is open enough to make you feel comfortable with experimenting.

Amazing kisser – You can know so many things on a sexual level with just a kiss. If you kiss just on the lips and it feels blah, then you know that the feels just aren’t there. If the kiss is just wet and sloppy without technique and arousal, even then you will know that you probably don’t want to have sex with the person who cannot arouse you with his tongue or mouth. Most men who kiss really well know how to touch and play with your body in ways that will make you sing in pleasure.

Understands the power of touch – A man who understands the power of touch can make you feel alive during sex. Because sex is a lot more than inserting the penis in the vagina and pumping in and out. It has to make you feel good, every touch must make you feel aroused and excited. A simple graze on the breast, a caress on the stomach and a fleeting touch on the clitoris can make a huge difference. So, if your partner or date knows how to use this, be sure that he can rock your world!

Eye contact – People who make eye contact can make excellent lovers. Eyes are like the windows to the soul and can give you a good idea about his intentions. Eye contact is necessary to keep the fire burning and in conveying the want he has for you. Those smouldering stares can let you know how much he wants to rip your clothes off and fill your body with pleasure.

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