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Ms. X: The Pros Of Dating A Married Man

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It is a relationship as old as time itself. Married man-single woman. And even today, it is easier to have now, than ever before.

Thanks to various online dating services and multiple social media platforms that enable complete anonymity, married men have the digital tools at their proverbial fingertips to find that perfect jumpoff-side piece mistress of their dreams.

Thanks to these tools, single women also have a wide array of methods to snatch a happily married man with ease.

Before you all come at me with pitchforks and try to slut-shame me, hear me out on this. It’s not that I necessarily condone dating a married man, I’m just keeping it real here and stating some facts.

I don’t need to date a married man, there are plenty of single guys out there for the taking. However, there are some real pros to dating someone that’s already in a committed relationship.

Married men are busy. They have certain responsibilities that come with being attached. These responsibilities mean that he will be preoccupied a lot of the time, which means he won’t be bugging you like single guys do. At night when you’re all cozy on your couch in your sweats watching your favorite guilty pleasure trashy reality-romcom flick(Hello, Mistresses, Bachelor/Bachelorette and Keeping Up With The Kardashians!), you won’t be receiving annoying needy text messages from him because he’s on his couch…with his wife!

You get to be the hero. He’s bored with his woman and went looking for some excitement. You’re that excitement. So while you feed his ego, he’s also feeding yours. You’re the woman with the sex drive he wishes his wife had. No hate to the wife here, she lives with him and has to deal with all of his annoying habits on a daily basis, whereas you don’t see that side. It’s 100% funzone—and no friend zone—when you’re with him.

You don’t have to do his laundry. Or cook for him, or discuss financial matters, or any of the other mundane things that married folks complain about. You get to live your life and do what you want while someone else has to deal with all the real issues with him.

He will never leave his wife. You know this and he knows this meaning there are no expectations that typically come with relationships and dating. With these expectations off the table, there is little to no chance of becoming emotionally involved and attached, thus being hurt, or hurting him. Being on the same page with him means you’re an escape for him when he needs one and likewise he fulfills your sexual and primal needs, all without the normal B.S. drama of a relationship.

These are just a few of the reasons why dating a married man can be gratifying. Some of you reading this will be disgusted and judgmental, because you’re probably the boring wives. Some of you can relate because you’ve been there, done that. And some of you have fantasized about having a sordid affair.

In any case, watch your back and keep your guard up and never forget the power of your lady parts.

Ciao! xoxo

Ms. X 😉

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