Myrian Klink: Why She Is The Miley Cyrus Of The Middle East

What comes to mind when you think about Miley Cyrus? A bold, controversial and/or an outrageous act, right?

Some call it an attempt to get fame, however, a few would try to understand the underlying statements which artists’ try to address with such ravishing moves.

The stunning and amazingly sexy-looking Myriam Klink can surely be called Miley Cyrus of the Middle East. While many in the Western world are not familiar with her, the gorgeous diva has always tried to address social issues through her bold statements and gestures.

The 30-something Lebanese model-turned-singer had been in the news and part of various controversies over the years. Now, it appears that she may be ready to crossover into the Western mainstream, thanks to her Playboy-like looks and curves. Whether these are sensual photo shoots, stimulating pictures posted on social media, bold statements given in interviews such as the one in Tickets Move Magazine, all have certainly brought fame to her doorsteps.

Most people see her acts as efforts to promote herself, however, some would suggest that she tries to portray how modern Arab women wants to look alike or she makes an attempt to bring up some serious social issues which are abandoned by the societal norms in Arab society.

It takes guts and skills to be in the top notch among celebrities and the half Lebanese-Serbian Klink certainly has them. Above all, she knows the art of staying in the business better than anyone else in the Arab entertainment industry.

Currently, she is working on new projects to be completed in Egypt and has many exciting ventures to bring to the audience. So keep following the sizzling and controversial Arab pop star, and be part of the new Klink revolution.

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