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The Changing Face of Pop Music

Music, especially pop music, tends to be seen as a perfect reflection of mainstream culture. It’s also known for flaunting the more rebellious side of our world as we shift to new social paradigms. A quick look at pop trends tells you volumes about our culture and how it grows. What was scandalous or unusual in the 80s is now commonplace, or even campy. As our society continues to shift,
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Myrian Klink: Why She Is The Miley Cyrus Of The Middle East

What comes to mind when you think about Miley Cyrus? A bold, controversial and/or an outrageous act, right? Some call it an attempt to get fame, however, a few would try to understand the underlying statements which artists’ try to address with such ravishing moves. The stunning and amazingly sexy-looking Myriam Klink can surely be called Miley Cyrus of the Middle East. While many in the Western world are not
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“Everything is 4” Album Review: Derulo Maintains Ability To Make Hits For Radio

There is a trend in today's music that says: it's not about the album - it's about the single.  A label doesn't really care about the direction you're taking the next album but they want to know what's going to get played on the radio and in the clubs. The single gets the ringtones, the commercials and the glory.  Luckily, Jason Derulo has the "Midas Touch" when it comes to
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Pop: Why It’s Okay To Really, Really, Really Like Carly Rae Jepsen

It's pretty easy to write off Carly Rae Jepsen as a one-hit wonder. However, she has proven to have some staying power in the American pop music scene. With her third album, Emotion, hitting stores in 2015, Jepsen is looking to make huge strides with her music career. The 29-year-old Jepsen is no stranger to the public spotlight. She was first exposed to the world in 2007 as a part
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“No Pier Pressure” Album Review: Brian Wilson Delivers Commendable Effort

The term “living legend” gets thrown around carelessly at times, but if that’s the title to be bestowed upon Brian Wilson, it is well deserved and it’s the honest-to-God-truth.   Brian Wilson is the heart, brain and soul behind the legendary Beach Boys music group. Brian’s genius goes beyond song writing as he is also one of the most talented producers who ever lived.  He seemingly re-introduced how to use
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“Piece By Piece” Album Review: Kelly Clarkson Lacks Punch

There will forever be an eye on Kelly Clarkson’s career.  She will always generate some level of interest in mainstream media because many of us so her become the first winner on American Idol. That title alone set a her a place in pop music history, but that wasn’t going to be enough for Clarkson.  With combined album sales, Clarkson has gone platinum 11 times thus far in her career
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Rebel Heart Album Review: Madonna Tries Too Hard To Be Cool

Madonna is a pop music icon. Without Madonna, there is no Britney Spears, no Lady Gaga and you can make the argument there is no Rihanna either. Madonna is known for her brash and unapologetic ways.  She has never been shy about her sexuality or her vulnerabilities – and has made hit records while being notoriously blasphemous. Madonna has been fearless her whole career and now with “Rebel Heart” she test
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Sony Releases New N’Sync Album, The Essential

[caption id="attachment_28632" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Source: Bauer Griffin[/caption] It now seems like long ago that the "Boyband Craze" hit its peak with the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync vying for the top spot in popularity. Now it's become the solo artists geared towards pre-teens and teenagers specifically Justin Bieber. N'Sync has not released a full album since 2001 with "Celebrity" though in 2005 a greatest hits album got released. Sony made the