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NBA: Top 2014 Free Agents

It’s 2014, which means NBA GMs everywhere, along with their New Year’s Resolution Lists, are drawing a Wish List in hopes of landing a prized player this Summer of 2014.

This free agent class of 2014, figures to be one for the ages. At least five players with Hall of Fame credentials are going to be available.

Teams on the rise are going to be on high alert for one of these players, not to mention those teams which will be looking to lock down their franchise’s all-time greats. Rumors and misinformation will dominate virtual conversations. Deals like the ones Indiana Pacers’ Paul George and Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins signed were a result of teams specifically and purposely wanting to avoid the entire process.

A team’s salary cap also plays a huge factor in free agent signings, so you will be getting very familiar with terms like Qualifying Offers, Restricted Free Agents and Early Termination Option this summer.  Some of the NBA: Top 2014 Free Agents include,

Three-time NBA Champion, Dwayne Wade wade2014

gay2014 Highly, highly talented, Rudy Gay

deng2014 Tough and productive, Luol Deng


Tremendously valuable, Chris Bosh

dirk2014 All time great, Dirk Nowitzki

turner2014 Talented swingman, Evan Turner

bledsoe2014 Exceptionality talented, Eric Bledsoe

melo2014 The coveted, Carmelo Anthony

lbj2014 And the world’s best player, LeBron James



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