3:40 PM UPDATE: According to reports by Tim Reynolds  of the Associated Press Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has resumed taking blood thinners to treat a blood clot in his leg and is out indefinitely for the team.

Although this clot is not as severe as the one found in his lungs last season, Bosh is still being discouraged from playing while taking the blood thinners. Despite having no timetable for recovery Bosh hopes to come back at some point in the remainder of the season.

The Heat currently are in fifth place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Within the last two hours multiple reports have surfaced regarding the health of Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh. He missed Sunday’s All-Star game with a reportedly strained calf.

First reported by Michael Scotto of Sheridan Hoops via Twitter and later by Barry Jackson and Ethan J. Skolnik of The Miami Herald, the issue involving Bosh has been deemed serious enough to warrant continued monitoring. The severity of the issue has not been fully released by the Heat but it is feared that Bosh may have developed another blood clot. He was sidelined for the second half of last season when blood clots appeared in his lungs that required hospitalization and taking blood thinners. If a serious clot is again discovered Bosh may have to take blood thinners for the rest of his life, ending his NBA career.

This is not the first time the Heat have seen a key player suffer a major health issue. Prior to the 2000-01 season franchise center Alonzo Mourning was diagnosed with the kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, which caused him to miss the first five months of that year. Although Mourning was able to play again the condition became serious enough to require a kidney transplant.