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NBA : Will Carmelo Anthony Leave New York in 2014?

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Even by New York Knicks‘ standards, the last couple seasons have been tumultuous for the Knicks, one thing is clear though…Carmelo Anthony is the King of New York, and…the King appears to be leaving in 2014!


You’ve to be a student of the NBA in order to understand Melo, and his moments.

Anthony held the Denver Nuggets and their fans hostage once for an entire season, demanding a trade to the New York Knicks years ago, which he eventually got.

While at a practice preparing to play in the Olympics told reporters, quote, of former teammate Jeremy Lin’s contract offer from the Houston Rockets, *laughing,

”It’s up to the organization to say they want to match that ridiculous contract that’s out there ( for Jeremy Lin) .”

And…also showed Mike D’Antoni who was boss and ran him out of New York with his tail between his legs.

But!…where exactly does it say that the King has to play nice with others?

Carmelo Anthony’s a superior talent and he can drop an easy 20 plus point on anybody with one hand tied behind his back.

Michael Jordan, personally has invited him in the past to his house and…the greatest basketball player in NBA History is not going to invite just anybody to his house to break bread.

It’s  easy to lead the NBA in scoring, when you play in Oklahoma City or score a bunch of points for a Golden State, where the lights aren’t that bright.

Those arenas are not Madison Square Garden.

The odd man out in that New York Knicks roster seems to be Amare Stoudemire.

Trading him should had been priority number one for the Knicks at some point during the off-season, he just doesn’t seem to fit in anymore.

Stoudemaire needed to reinvent his game and learn how to play below the rim, even Michael Jordan as great as he was had to come to terms with the reality that he couldn’t leap over tall buildings anymore, but Amare Stoudemire never did.

Injuries, time, etc…have robbed him of his talents.

Carmelo Anthony is fully aware of the New York Knicks’ situation and he knows that the Knicks have basically wasted their time these last few years by letting Isiah Thomas play GM, before hiring Billy King, and now are not in any position to go far in these playoffs let alone win a NBA title soon without making major, major changes.

The Knicks have only two options at their disposal.

1. In order to keep Anthony, they would have to back up the Brinks Truck, pay him and somehow obtain Kevin Love or Zach Randolph.


2. Trade Carmelo Anthony before he walks away as a free agent and they get absolutely nothing in return for him. :

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NBA History: Reggie Miller

The only visiting basketball player I ever saw play consistently great at Madison Square Garden was Indiana Pacers’ Reggie Miller.

Reggie would’ve some epic moments at the Garden.

He would get into this shouting matches with the fans, players on the floor or on the bench and even with Spike Lee at court side during games. The New York Knicks faithful would heckle the hell out him, but all it would do was make Reggie play better.

I’m sure Spike Lee still has nightmares of Reggie scoring 8 points in 9 seconds to beat his beloved Knicks.


Reggie Miller scores 8 points in 9 seconds!!!


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