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NCAA March Madness: So What If Marshall Henderson Chose To Drink

The no.12 seeded University of Mississippi pulled off a surprising win even after their best player Marshall Henderson started off ice-cold against no.5 Wisconsin going 1-13 from the field. Yet, that still didn’t stop him from continuing to shoot and he ended up making five of the last eight shots he took and finished with 19 points.

With Ole Miss not playing on Saturday, Henderson went out and celebrated the win that night by going out and drinking. At the age of 22 there’s nothing wrong with that as he should get the opportunity to enjoy his time during the tournament. It’s a once and a lifetime experience and at least he’s having fun.

He’s also got a tweet from LeBron James that stated “man that dude Henderson from Ol Miss got the greenest light in basketball history!! Hahaha.”


Yes, he has made a name for himself and unfortunately for him it still doesn’t translate well for him when it comes to his NBA chances. There aren’t any teams looking for an undersized shooting guard who struggles to put the ball into the basket.  Henderson is averaging 20 points per game this season and only shot 38.1 percent from the field, a decent 35.4 percent from the three-point line and is outstanding from the free throw line at 88.2 percent.

His best bet is to continue what he’s doing and enjoy every minute of it.

Ole Miss will take on La Salle today with a shot at making the Sweet 16.

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