Newest Remodeling Trends You Should Consider

In the year 2020, having had a wide variety of remodeling portfolio’s under our belt, mainly involved with the industry of remodeling in Seattle and hailing from Seattle based home remodeling agencies!

In the years previously, people leaned towards a more grandiose architecture for their homes, and they’re remodeled. The world has evolved from pre-historic architectural designs, and the timeline of architecture shows so many different changes throughout the centuries. Then came the ancient Eygptian architectural designs, after which it was followed by classical architecture – seen mostly in Greece and Rome. Then came the Byzantium period followed by the romanesque architecture. This goes on to bring about the advent of the gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassical, art nouveau, beaux-arts, neo-gothic, art deco. All these previous architectural designs paved the way finally for the current modernist, post-modernist, neo-modernism, and parametricism.

Considering, seeing all these changes, it’s only fair to believe that change is inevitable. Change is going to happen regardless of time and space. If you are at a point in life where you are thinking of building a brand new home or remodeling your old home; then here are some of the trends that 2020 has seen in terms of interiors and remodeling in  seattle is concerned, and you should consider them:

  1. Make way for accessibility: Aging is very real, and with the ways most modern homes are built, even though it’s less grandiose, it can also seem a little less accessible for those who are of elderly age. If you plan to make your home that last family home that you will stay in during the time of your retirement, make sure to make everything in the home accessible. It is essential to make small changes to your house’s model so that it makes a world of difference. For example, You could widen all doorways to make it more accessible for use by the elderly and handicapped or wheel-chair bound people. 
  2. Combine different styles & The Age of Customization: Kitchen Goods and Wardrobe Essentials are not the only things worth customizing. As the modernist and minimal designs take over the architectural world, it is important to note that the only area of creativity in design lies mostly in areas of personalization and customization. Tweaking your interior decor, giving a special touch to your living space is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. 
  3. Use metal to decorate: Metal was once used as an accent piece to highlight indoors. However, now the use of metal elements has become a focus element all over homes. Not only does it add to the visual aspect, but it gives an appealing new texture to the living space. 
  4. Go the Smart-Home Way: As much as people argue about the impact of advancement in technology on the mental health of people. The one thing this technological advance has provided is the ability to feel more safe and secure within homes. By being able to control the lighting and all other conditions because of the smart home use, it’s become much more friendly to use. 
  5. Separate bath and shower setups: earlier, bath and show setups use to be a one setup unit. The new trend states the separation of these two setups. 
  6. Basement & Attic Splurges: Gone are the days with dingy basement and creepy attic spaces. Spruce up both the garage basement and attic in order to make extra space for your new hobby. Your new man-cave and your kid’s play space in the attic is a trend that we follow into the coming years. 
  7. Wood is making a come-back: Another major trend that is coming back is the use of wood in house decor and even using woodwork as a major structural wall. It once used to being restricted to use in one surface – the floor. Today’s perspective gives a nod to combinations of types, styles, and stains of wood in all forms of furniture and decor. 

Start with these seven trends that have graced their way in and out of 2020. Try them for yourselves and get remodeling soon!

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