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NFL: Cleveland Browns: Kardiac Kids 2014 Edition

Two comeback victories. Games coming down to the wire and decided in the final moments. Cleveland Browns fans left with hearts racing and fingernails chewed down to almost nothing.  Sound familiar?

After a historical 29-28 comeback victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns left an impression across the NFL that this is no longer the same old Browns of the expansion era.  If anything, the 2014 Cleveland Browns have been showing glimpses of a former Browns team known for its edge of your seat, heart racing rallies and come from behind wins. A 1980 Browns team also known as the Kardiac Kids.

Although the players’ names on the back of the jerseys may have changed, the Brian Hoyer led offense is quickly drawing comparisons to the 1980 Kardiac Kids squad, led by then quarterback Brian Sipe. A team that is still revered and talked about by many Browns fans today.

Here are some notable similarities:

Records – Through the first four games of the 2014 season, the Browns are 2-2. The 1980 Browns also were 2-2.

Comeback wins – In his 4 starts with the Browns this season, quarterback Brian Hoyer has 2 comeback wins under his belt.  His predecessor, quarterback Brian Sipe, in his electric 1980 season, had a total of 4.

Games Decided by 3 points or less – The 1980 Browns had 8 games decided by 3 points or less. The 2014 Browns already have 4.

Given that the 2014 season is still evolving and anything can change over 16 games, Hoyer and company have begun to pave a way to becoming a new generation of Kardiac Kids.  It’s been 34 years in the making. Only 12 more games left to become the Kardiac Kids 2.0.

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