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NFL: Green Bay Packers Will Make Aaron Rodgers Decision on Thursday

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will face off in Week 17 to decide which team wins the NFC North division. Green Bay is hoping to have their superstar quarterback and franchise face Aaron Rodgers back for the winner takes all match-up. According to multiple reports, the Packers will make their decision regarding his availability on Thursday.

As of right now, Rodgers’ status remains a mystery. There have been rumors swirling that he’ll be ready to play this weekend, but there are also the verbal reports from the Packers that he has not been medically cleared for this week yet. Both Aaron Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy seem to believe that he is capable of playing, but the organization as a whole doesn’t seem to want him on the field unless there is no risk at all.

Mike McCarthy was very vocal last week that Aaron Rodgers looked healthy and had completed the majority of his passes. Rodgers himself has been quoted as saying that he feels better and healthy, but that the organization has the final call in whether or not he takes the field each week.

“Aaron wants to play, has wanted to play for the last couple of weeks. He fully accepts and understands everything going on with his injury, so this is really a decision for Ted Thompson and I, representing the organization. That’s how it works.” – Mike McCarthy

It will be a very suspenseful next couple of days for the Green Bay Packers and their fans. The Chicago Bears are preparing to play both Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers, so there won’t be any change in preparations for them. Matt Flynn is preparing as if he was the starting quarterback for the game in Chicago, but all that could change on Thursday.

Overall, it sounds as if Aaron Rodgers’ injury is extremely close to healing and allowing him back on the field. Even if he is unable to play this week against the Bears, the Packers do have a chance to pull off a win. If Matt Flynn is able to overcome the majority of expectations, the Packers could jump into the playoffs and get a healthy Aaron Rodgers back as well.

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