This week the Indianapolis Colts have made several additions to help strengthen their team for the 2015 season. Today the Colts have initiated a player’s departure for very much the same reason.

After less than two seasons, the Colts have waived Trent Richardson. He went to the Colts in a trade with the Cleveland Browns, early in the 2103 season, for which the Browns received the Colts’ 2014 first round draft pick as compensation.

After nearly two seasons Richardson failed to live up to the potential the Colt’s management saw in him. Many rationalized his first lack luster season as unfamiliarity with the Colts playbook in his first season with the team. After the following off-season, training camp, and pre-season – there would be no more room for excuses.

In both seasons with the Colts, Richardson had problems with indecisiveness and lack of acceleration at the point of attack. After 29 games with the Colts he had rushed for just 977 yards, which is 78 yards less than the 1,055 yards he ran for in just 17 games with the Browns. His inability to consistently gain yardage couldn’t be blamed solely on the oft injured offensive line. Both Ahmad Bradshaw and Boom Herron surpassed Richardson’s yards per carry by at least a yard, while running behind the same offensive line. reports that the front office is hoping to avoid having to ante up $3.184 million to Richardson. The specific language of Richardson’s contract could clear the Colts of any financial liability, due to his late season suspension for missing a team walkthrough and a flight to an away game.

It’s a simple truth that veryone makes mistakes, and the Colts front office has definitely had to own up to this one. Colts coaches and staff found themselves hopeful that Richardson would finally be able to find an opening in the line and consistly get through it. Afer all the disappointment, that same bunch probably just hope that he can make it through at least one last opening – the exit to the locker room. Provided there aren’t any offensive lneman standing near the doorway, he should have a good chance to make it through without running into them instead.


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