Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick remain unsigned and people still swear it’s not about the protest. Even the people that acknowledge that it’s about the protest, but think they still don’t deserve to be signed swear it’s just consequences and not just racism at its finest. So much hypocrisy in it all though. Let’s go through their arguments.

First: Colin isn’t a good enough football player.

First and foremost, I don’t think Colin is the best quarterback who has ever played the game, Aaron Rodgers is (Brady fans save it lol). With that said Colin had beat Aaron in two playoff games. People will tell you that it’s because his team was better. That is true, but it shows one thing… if he’s put in the right system he can take you where you as an organization should want to be. This is playing football in January and February (playoffs). I find it laughable also that some of these same guys will vouch for Johnny Manziel. Yes Manziel who has loads of potential according to NFL executives. It’s funny because every player has potential, not every player is proven. Colin has proved again he could get you to the last game of the season.

Second: He’s a backup at best

This is hilarious because this implies all of the starting quarterbacks in the league are better than a guy that is proven. Plus if he’s good enough to be a backup, he’s good enough to be in the league right? Some people use the first and second argument when talking to me about it which is absolutely crazy. How is someone not good enough to be in the league, but good enough to be a backup. They change the narrative because of the next argument.

Third: He’s too much of a distraction. Especially to only be a backup.

Hahahaha!!! If grown men are distracted because this man takes a knee for two minutes before a football game maybe they shouldn’t be there. Like if that distracts you, there will be fans doing things you’d have to cover your eyes for. Again, one dude has even vouched for Manziel and said Kaep is too much of a distraction. It is crazy how players can abuse drugs and be cool with the fans, but when they use a right given to them by the constitution it’s not cool. So they use one and then two and then three. Choose an argument,maybe?

Fourth: It’s just about football and they aren’t good.

Meanwhile, Eric Reid met with the Bengals and was asked about what he will do moving forward in terms of the national anthem. The Bengals who have a player who has repeatedly been suspended.

Colin Kaepernick was asked the same question when the Seahawks reached out. They ended up postponing meeting with him over his answer. Today the Seahawks sign a quarterback who absolutely no one has ever heard of.

So no, it’s not just about football and obviously Eric Reid is a good player. Colin Kaepernick is also more proven and better than the guy the Seahawks just picked up today.

Just try again on that one.

Fifth, I’ll just show the hypocrisy in the people that say it’ll lose money for the owners…

This may be true, but who are the people at odds with Kaepernick or Reid being signed? A lot of conservatives! The same people that’ll say, “people shouldn’t take our guns because it’s in the constitution. They can’t punish us if its our right.” Those same people are standing up for people to punish guys for exercising their rights. Also the same people that’ll swear up and down that these drugs are terrible won’t show they mean it on Sunday’s when they watch players who use them. We need to stop Mexicans from coming in because they are bringing drugs. Meanwhile, the use by football players is all good, we will still watch unless you kneel. When you stand for the anthem aren’t you looking at the flag? Why you looking at Kaepernick for, or Reid? Maybe you aren’t doing it right either. It’s just hypocrisy at every turn.

The way I look at it, Kaepernick is a hero, especially being from Milwaukee and gain some pride knowing a kid can be from here and do what he’s doing. It’s admirable. Got nothing but respect for him and Reid for doing what they are doing and to continue without doing something they love, football. At the end of the day we are human first and that’s the title that matters.

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