Jason Myers added one to the record books against the Rams, setting a new franchise record with his 61-yard field goal. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter when it came to the ‘W’. The Seahawks lost their third game this season in a tight contest, 21-16.

“Myers is Off to a Great Season”

Despite the painful loss, Pete Carroll has a reason to be positive. The Seahawks’ kicking game has been on point throughout the season, with both Myer and Dickson giving the team field position and other teams pinned back. “He is off to a great season, and he is doing everything we ask of him.” Words of high praise from the Seahawks coach right there.

The field goal sure was a beauty, definitely worthy of a franchise record. It was also the first time during this year’s NFL season that a kicker has managed to eclipse the 60-yard barrier, and the play itself is worth a rewatch.

It happened on the 4th-and-10, with just two seconds left on the clock. The Seahawks found themselves at the Rams’ 43-yard line. Two options for head coach Pete Carroll: go for a Hail Mary via Russell Wilson, or opt for the field goal attempt.

Carroll went for option B. The special teams unit were called onto the field, with Myers stepping up just behind the 60-yard line. His attempt had plenty of has left in it, and probably would have broken the league record had he taken a few steps back.

Was It Good for an All-Time Record?

In short, no, Jason Myers did not break an NFL record with his highlight reel kick against the Rams. That honor belongs to Matt Prater, who went for a stunning 64-yard field goal for the Broncos on December 8, 2013. In that game, the field goal was enough for the win, with Denver edging the Tennessee Titans 51-28.

Let me tell you this: even though he didn’t break the record, this thing is still a big deal. Going over 60 yards is incredibly rare in the NFL. Myers’ conversion was just the 17th time in the league’s history where a kicker matched or surpassed the 61-yard clip. Since 2016, it’s happened four other times.

As far as the Seahawks, the previous record stood at 58 yards. This marker had been achieved twice. Josh Brown did it first in 2003, and Stephen Hauschka in 2014. The new record will be tough to beat, that’s for sure.

Regardless of the result, it’s often these individual plays that we remember, the ones we watch over and over again. It’s what gets that passion for our teams going, what makes the NFL the number 1 professional sports league on the planet.

And it’s due to these moments that American football always was and always will be an extremely popular sport to bet on.

Due to the scores that set the team’s, season’s or even competition’s record but at times don’t provide enough for the victory, there are different wagers available such as Money Lines, Totals, or Live bets (as explained in much detail on websites like LegalBetting) that can make the game even more interesting to watch by bringing even more passion into its outcome.

Not Enough for the Win

Despite the record, it wasn’t quite enough for the win. The Rams shut down the Seahawks, propelling LA to the top of the NFC West. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ high-scoring offense was stifled by an impressive defensive display.

“That’s what we live for,” Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey declared.

And it’s that defense that is proving the Rams are serious contenders this season. Ramsey himself intercepted two passes, and he also turned DK Metcalf into a passenger during the game. Edge Rusher Leonard Floyd also had a standout performance, recording three sacks while also recovering a fumble.

What’s Next for the Seahawks?

The Seahawks have a couple of challenging fixtures ahead, including Thursday Night Football’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. With both teams on a 6-3 record, it’ll be an interesting matchup.

On November 30, they will face the Philadelphia Eagles away. The Seahawks don’t have a great away record as it stands; they’re currently sitting at 2-3. But the Eagles aren’t exactly lighting it up at home, with a 2-2-1 record.

There’s one thing that’s for sure: both of these games are crucial for the Seahawks and their playoff hopes. The New York Times suggests Seattle has an 83% chance of making it. A lot depends on the results in these two fixtures.


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