Aaron Rodgers (Dec. 17, 2017 - Source: Grant Halverson/Getty Images North America)
Aaron Rodgers (Dec. 17, 2017 - Source: Grant Halverson/Getty Images North America) Aaron Rodgers (Dec. 17, 2017 - Source: Grant Halverson/Getty Images North America)

GREEN BAY- There is a lot of discussion that Aaron Rodgers could earn $33 million a year. There is a lot of debate about players making teams take such a huge cap hit. Is Rodgers really worth $33 million a year?

Let’s put this into proper perspective before really judging Aaron Rodgers worth. Matt Ryan is currently the highest paid quarterback in the NFL as he can earn up to $30,000,000 per year. Kirk Cousins signed the most lucrative contract this off-season as he can earn up to $28 million per year. Jimmy Garrapolo’s new deal with the San Francisco 49ers is worth up to $27,500,000 per year.

Tom Brady is really underpaid as he currently has the 16th best salary with the earning potential of $20,500,000 per year. So, if Rodgers gets a $33 million annual deal, he would end up making nearly $13 million more than the best quarterback of all time, Brady. That seems insane when you first look at it. Brady won 5 Super Bowls and gets underpaid.

Is Rodgers more valuable than Ryan? The Falcons starting quarterback never won a Super Bowl. Rodgers won one super bowl.  Ryan passed for 4,000 yards from 2011 to 2017.  Rodgers passed for over 4,000 yards four out of the past seven seasons.

If the argument of worth comes down to Super Bowl wins, Rodgers is slightly more valuable than Ryan. If it comes down to passing yards, Ryan wins the argument without much fuss. What about overall health? Rodgers missed a lot of games due to an injury while Ryan seems to avoid injuries. Ryan only missed two regular season games in his career. Ryan played in 10 playoff games, winning just four of them. Rodgers played in 16 playoff games, winning nine of them. Rodgers is clearly better in clutch situations than Ryan.

When it’s all said it done, Rodgers is worth more than Ryan based on which quarterback is better in clutch situations. However, many Ryan supporters will point to Rodger’s injuries as a problem that decreases his value. Rodgers generally plays 15 to 16 games a season. Last season was an anomaly as Rodgers missed nine games. He suffered a shoulder clavicle fracture.

The only reason Rodgers should earn $33 million a year is because he is better than Matt Ryan.



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