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On The Rise: Victorious’ Elizabeth Gillies Set To Branch Out From Nickelodeon Shadow In Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll


June 28, 2015

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Nickelodeon has produced many breakout names in the music and television realm. Someone to keep an eye on is former Victorious star Elizabeth Gillies, who is hoping a strong 2015 can turn her into a household name.

Gillies has been a staple on the Nickelodeon network. As previously mentioned, she starred in the successful series, Victorious, playing the role of Jade West. She also had guest roles on Penguins of Madagascar and Sam and Cat. Gillies is hoping her television success can parlay into a promising music career.

The 21-year-old from New Jersey has been a rising music star from the beginning of her teenage years. She starred on Broadway during her teenage years, playing a prominent part in the production of  the stage play, 13.

Gillies has a love for music and is currently focused on releasing her debut album. She draws heavy influence from classic rock, and her newest role is heavily based on the stylings of that genre.
Denis Leary has been able to produce quality television for the FX Network before.

The actor/comedian has now turned his attention to the music world for his new show, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, which focuses on the path of a middle aged rocker looking to make it big in the music industry. Leary cast Gillies for a supporting role in large part because of her vocal and musical ability.

The hope is that the show has an Empire like following. There are plans to release the music on ITunes after the episodes premier, and Leary is hopeful Gillies will attract a following based on her Nickelodeon success.

“I had to have a girl who could really sing rock ‘n’ roll and would be willing to sing live,” Leary stated to Variety.

He went on to add the following about Gillies.

“My secret evil plan is that Liz Gillies has so many f-ing fans from when she was on Nickelodeon.”

Gillies was asked by People Magazine if Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll was a departure from her previous work on Nickelodeon. The actress didn’t waste time in giving an answer.

“I’d say so! It’s fun. It’s very liberating. It’s cool. Even when I was on Nickelodeon, I talked and had the sense of humor of someone much older than me, so it’s fun for me to kind of be myself more on this. Not that I wasn’t then – I was younger! I did Victorious when I was younger, so I think it’s just a natural progression. It makes sense.”

Gillies is also looking to expand her name beyond the television and music world. She has a featured role in the upcoming film, Vacation, starring  Ed Helms and Chevy Chase. It’s the first major Hollywood picture for Gillies, but likely not her last, as she has seen her stock grow exponentially since her days on Nickelodeon.

It’s been a promising start to a potential ‘Victorious’ career.

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