Technology is essential to any business; you would be hard-pressed to find any company, household or person alive that does not use technology in some way. Technology is not only an essential tool but a means by which businesses can utilize to derive some competitive advantage. To ensure that they are receiving the highest return on their investment businesses need to guarantee that they are using the most suitable technology for their needs.

With that in mind, this guide is here to show you some of the very best open-source python programming help  alternatives for popular business software.

Why Use an Open-Source Alternative?

Open-source software is a type of software that has an available source code that anyone can inspect and enhance. This means that rather than being closed, it is open to improvements and alterations from any developers or users.

There are many reasons why businesses would seek out open-source alternatives to popular software. Firstly, open-source software tends to be much more cost-effective than closed-source software. Secondly, open-source software is much more flexible because the source code can be accessed and edited. This means that businesses can modify the software to meet their specific business needs. Open-source software offers businesses other distinct advantages such as security, speed and community.

Now that you understand a little more about the value of using open-source software, it is time to focus on the best open-source software solutions for popular business software.

Mattermost Communication Software

Mattermost is a Slack alternative that’s open source and offers many distinct advantages over closed-source alternatives. Mattermost is a platform that is supported by an open-source community that currently has over 600 integrations. The open-source software allows your team to make developments while maintaining complete control over the technical roadmap.

LibreOffice an Alternative to Microsoft Office Suite

LibreOffice is a great open-source alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. LibreOffice has word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software all of which work in a similar format to Microsoft Office Suite. The open-source software has one distinct advantage over the traditional closed source software, it is completely free to use.

Thunderbird, Open-Source Email Software

Businesses that are looking to replace their Microsoft Office Suite with an open-source alternative will also likely need to find an open-source email provider. Thunderbird is created by Mozilla, the software developers that created the Firefox browsers. Like the Firefox browser, Thunderbird has the option to be completely customized with the use of add-ons.

Simple Invoices

Simple invoices is a great open-source invoicing software that is completely free to use. The software has tools that can be used to manage recurring billing, taxes and track payments. It is easy to use and can be accessed from any internet browser.

Sugar CRM, Customer Relationship Management Software

Sugar CRM is a full-featured open-sourced software. You can adapt the software to continue to suit your business needs as your business evolves. The software also offers different levels of service, which makes it easier to find the right solution for you and you can continue to adapt the source code as you use Sugar CRM.



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